iPhone 7 Leaks And Rumors: As we are getting toward Apple’s September launch the rumor of iPhone 7 taking pace with many new exciting feature and packed with new ability. The new rumor suggest new iPhone 7 won’t called Pro as it called iPhone 7 Plus which might sports dual camera at the back which kept place in the the internet now a days. Now the KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo who also most renowned analyst who gives many prediction which are also true for iPhone he is adding more credibility to the rumors by saying that the dual camera is going to be a must-have on all flagship while iPhone is one of the best Flagship will introduce the Plus model of 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus lineup with dual cameras at the back, while it not clear that is Pro model exist or not while if it not the Plus model only getting this feature.

iPhone 7 Leaks And Rumors: 

  • In previous leaks analyst Kuo suggest about dual cameras coming to the Plus model which is 5.5-inch model while the smaller version of iPhone will sports single camera module as saw Kuo said.

    iPhone 7 Leaks
    Apple iPhone 7 Leaks
  • Kuo revised his prediction to the 5.5-inch iPhone or the Plus model have dual camera without have option to choose camera as saw in LG’s new G5 which also include two camera module at back two module works differently for different shots.

    iPhone 7 Camera Leaks
    Apple iPhone 7 Leaks
  • To match memory standard and more multitasking  Kuo also predicted that Apple will introduce 3GB of Ram that will help the phone to match the requirement of the dual camera technology while 3GB of Ram also helps the run more task at the background and more multitasking as flawless while this is not clears the smaller version will get 3GB of Ram or not. Kuo said that the Plus model shipment will be more at around 30 million by the end of 2016.
  • Another rumour that taking ground is the Smart Connector which already makes its entry in iPad model which is very good technology for attachment accessories like keyboard, docks and more will be possible by manufacturers.
  • According the leaks both iPhones 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch will take this feature as seen many of the leaks photos in which at the back of the phone seen three dots which clearly signifies a Smart Connector.
  • However the new iPhone won’t get greater design change as clears from the leaks as the antenna band will slimmer down and have more curve.
  • While the 3.5mm headphone jack rumour still conflicting each other. While removing headphone jack slimmer down the iPhone which looks great but Apple has to resolve many problem like if people want to listen song and charging phone simultaneously which is not possible after removing headphone jack.

While the Smart Connect concern analyst suggest that it will bring iPhones to attach only keyboard while there many thing which can be possible with Smart Connector as it will use as dock, for modular pieces to run like camera module or a speaker module which amplifies the use of an iPhone as a Phone. As the rumors are kept taking pace Apple creating more public awareness toward there new Phone. iPhone 7 has something which user can’t live without as said by CEO Tim Cook so let’s see what it offer for user can’t live without.


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