MIUI 8 By Xiaomi: Release Date And Features:Finally Xiaomi unwraps its new MIUI which is OS version MIUI 8 which runs Xiaomi devices. MIUI has very simplified design as iOS while some of the design element matches iOS UI. MIUI is basically Android version topped with Xiaomi MIUI skin while There is some improvement in terms of Android and also have some feature extra as compared to Android version.

MIUI 8 OS Logo
MIUI 8 OS Logo

MIUI 8 By Xiaomi: Release Date And Features: 

  • After long time finally Xiaomi listen customer complain regarding MIUI which is uses older version of Android while market phones are two version forward which makes the customer to use the older version of Android in new Xiaomi skin. Last MIUI version MIUI 7 topped over Android 4.4 kitkat for working in older devices while the OS is basically 3 year old. So company has taken a step further by skipping Lollipop and used Android Marshmallow which is the latest offering from Android with many new exciting feature you’ll see in Android N.

    MIUI 8 Features On Mobile Phones
    MIUI 8 On Device
  • This version of MIUI 8 is uses the same old design pattern as MIUI 7. While the notification panel is completely change from MIUI 7 and now it has been upgraded to a more Marshmallow-style design with Material design with light and floating bars also power controls and a brightness slider Looks like Marshmallow.

    MIUI 8 Features
    MIUI 8 OS
  • The Recent Apps list has been upgraded like an drawer with Apps are arranged like files in the drawer with some new feature to using multiple windows at same time which makes the multitasking awesome.

    MIUI 8 Features Multi-Window
    MIUI 8 Multi-Window
  • MIUI also changes the Chrome now you should be able to see multiple tabs, and Google Docs also be able to show multiple documents which makes the files to see easy and workflow is also smooth.
  • There also many other feature like revamped calculator and gallery app with many new feature in gallery app.
  • The Note App also gain the access of fingerprint sensor which help user to unlock the notes app with authentication of there own. While fingerprint sensor also gain access of many apps which make the level of security to another level.
  • MIUI also updated new background theme to add personal touch to the device. The Camera App also become smarter to identify objects in picture and also link the object to online shopping site which help user to easily get the item without knowing object’s name.
  • MIUI Camera App also takes the level of education in further level with feature to solve “high school Chinese math” problems with just a picture which help kids to easily resolve the questions.
  • MIUI 8 puts the emphasis on the stopping background apps more aggressive which not only save battery life but also never let device slow.

    MIUI 8 Features On Phones
    Xiaomi MIUI 8
  • Staring MIUI 8 version is Beta version which starts June 1 and final ROM is out on June 17 advanced users to flash. While keeping in mind of user the accept update nearly every devices to use new MIUI 8 these include MI 2, 2S, 3, 4, 4C, 4S, 5, Note, and Max will all be supported, along with all the lower-end “Redmi” phones.

The older phones that are launched in 2012 there is separate version of MIUI so that devices will still stuck with older firmware. Overall the MIUI 8 is good improvement in terms of feature and UI improvement let hope this version will help Xiaomi to get the market.


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