XBox One Review: Xbox One’s significant course corrections and its exclusive titles has made a remarkable change in the views of its users. If we compare it with PlayStation 4 then the Xbox one is a compelling and competitive choice for the lovers of games. The Microsoft Xbox one covers the very impressive graphics and a good to go list of exclusive 2015 titles. The better selection of media apps has made Xbox one to achieve extra stride then PlayStation 4. The console’s fall 2015 dashboard has also been updated and has backward compatibility with around 100 Xbox with 360 titles and the list is overgrowing slowly. Moreover the Xbox One has managed to significantly compete as a big console to the PlayStation 4 as the other big console. This console has backward capability of with around 100 Xbox 360 titles and this list is considerably growing.

XBox One Review
XBox One

XBox One Review:

  • The new Xbox One experience was released in November 2015 which has made changes in dashboard system’s logistics and aesthetics but is still loose at some point, but it has great reviews in 2015 of which the upcoming year 2016 is still unknown.
  • As compared to Sony’s interface the Xbox One interface is massive and is up to mark. It can compete easily as another alternative for the users. Even before the launch of Xbox One the Microsoft has also started to change the messaging philosophy of the platform in its console which almost rely upon DRM where users can trade in and play used games which was followed by Kinect motion sensor which is no longer required now, as now no Kinect bundle is now the default settings in entry-level model.
  • On the other hand the firmware functionality has also been tuned up by Xbox which is being opted as a second choice after the Sony’s smooth interface. The two consoles being the PlayStation4 and the Xbox One is closely matched.
  • They provide all the third-party games like madden series, call of duty, assassin’s creed as well as new title like rainbow six siege and fallout 4 which are available on both the consoles as full service entertainment system with built in Blu-ray players and streaming services like Hulu, You Tube and Netflix but still playstation4 remains the primary choice of users as it provides slightly smoother gameplay and much more enhanced and straightforward interface but comparatively Xbox one provides much more mature media app system in us with decent list of exclusive titles and the Xbox one will continue to be the second alternative after the playstation4 and its future performance remains unexplained in 2016.

The upcoming and already launched Xbox one exclusive games includes:-

  • Forza motorsport 6
  • Rise of the tomb raider
  • Titanfall
  • Halo: master chief collection
  • Rare replay
  • Sunset overdrive

The upcoming Xbox one games in 2016 are:-

  • Recore
  • Quantum break
  • Scalebound
  • Crackdown3
  • Gears of war 4

Other than this the Xbox one has a good and better picture of streaming apps if compared to any other game consoles. Some of them are Fox and FX now, MTV, TED, NBC, Bravo Now, Starz, Skype etc. which is not available in PlayStation 4. Now also Xbox box provides a media player access which can open to the user any format of file which is commanded to open like files showed in any other pc and storage device user connects in. through Xbox one media app user may also customize its dashboard with custom photo wallpaper the facility of which has also been provided in PlayStation 4 in 2015. Also Xbox one proved EA access which is an early subscription access program which gives its members a chance to play the games few days before they are released and provides access to growing list of EA legacy games.

  • As the Kinect is being attached and provided with the bundle of Xbox one which provides services with integrated voice control and motion gesturing with live TV and interface navigation and some elements of gaming, it is definitely taken as a priority but under Xbox one, it is no longer bundled up with the box and if the user doesn’t want to purchase it and keep the console as default or no Kinect technology it can be purchased later as a single purchase as the option for user. Kinect helps to change the channel, volume and other items using the voice only however there are some documented problems related to it.
  • Other features of Xbox one can be accessed and activated with hand gestures and voice commands and also the console if commanded to save the last chunk of episodes played, it saves it in the hard drive interestingly. If we talk about the Xbox one controller, it is solid and mostly comfortable. Microsoft has mostly revamped the problematic dpad present on Xbox to clicky and tactile pad which is easy and handy. Battery life has also improved with the controller.
  • Though Microsoft has debuted two new controllers as a revamped controller with 3.5mm headphone port and Xbox one elite wireless controller which allows players to customize their pad with interchangeable dpad pieces, stickers and triggers. The controller is also available in the bundle with a 1TB solid state hybrid drive. Both the controllers can be connected to windows pc and micro USB cable or wirelessly to a windows 10 pc.
  • The PlayStation 4 has a replaceable hard drive which can be easily accessed on the other the Xbox one drive cannot be messed up. Instead of that the user may bring its own external hard drive over USB 3.0 connection which may speed up the performance a little bit, as it is faster than Xbox one’s internal stock drive.
    Signing into any other Xbox one will give its users access to all the digital games and their respective game saves.
  • Playstation4 users need to have PlayStation plus to upload cloud saves while Xbox one owners can do it without Xbox live gold. The cloud saving feature is definitely better on Xbox one as compared to PlayStation 4.
    Overall the investment in Xbox one is worth spending as it lags behind PlayStation 4 in many features like installation capabilities and smoother interface system which provides a great experience to its users.


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