Pokémon Go Europe Expansion and Update: Pokémon Go is becoming popular day by day as it is use more than Facebook App in US and other part where it is available as game is based on new AR technology or Argumented Reality or simply mixed reality as user can experience game in real surrounding and capture Pokémon and battle with players as game pattern is good as you become a trainer and travelling around real places for the search of Pokémon and explore other things to. Overall game is best and really captures heart of user day by day as it become more trending app and grossing app in App Store as well as Play Store.

Pokémon Go Europe Expansion
Pokémon Go Europe Expansion

Pokémon Go Europe Expansion and Update:

  • Game is become more anticipated in places where it start to rolling out Pokémon Go has become available in Germany App Store this morning game take it’s row towards Europe and also elsewhere.
  • The becoming smashing hits in Germany soon after its release and also start increasing its ranking hour by hour. Game also available in regional App Store around the world.
  • While Asia is concern it will receive game soon this week around as Niantic attempt to deal with crippling overload of its servers due to its popularity.

Niantic also planing to introduce ads into game soon so it earn revenue as game is toward it success and may soon become top as it gains its popularity. So that for now for Pokémon Fan stay tuned for more news.


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