Apple: iPhone has crossed over one billion units sold: After Earning result of Q3 of Apple, Apple is now make a milestone for iPhone as they has sold Billion iPhone so far. As they news was opened up by Tim Cook yesterday during earning call event as they still not able to make any significant Quarter this years as in Q3 they have sold about 40 million units of iPhone as last year in this Quarter they have sold over 49 million units.

iPhone Yearly Sale, iPhone Sale This Year
Apple: iPhone has crossed over one billion units sold:

Apple: iPhone has crossed over one billion units sold:

iPhone sale are declining quarter by quarter which really make sad Apple but they however crossed this milestone as no other tech giants ever sold a line this big units which really appreciate Apple for their 9 years so famous lineup iPhone which was introduce in 2007 and till now growing.

During the event Tim Cook holding one billionth iPhone in his hands. So we will say thank you Apple to help us to change the World.

As Apple has sold over 500 million during 2 year period as over period of 7 years they only have sold 500 million so we can see how Apple is growing despite of decline and where far it can go we can’t imagine.

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