Intel Will Make Apple iPhone 2018 Chipset: Apple has already blocked Samsung for making iPhone 7 and 2017 iPhone Chipset as whole responsibility goes on TSMC. But for 2018 iPhone Apple could potentially Intel Processors inside iPhones. As this report is being highlighted many analyst and Nikkei Asian Review has also published new report made by TSMC analysts who believe Intel’s will make iPhone 2018 chipset which brings out new competition for TSMC and Samsung.

Intel Will Make Apple iPhone 2018 Chipset:

Intel has recently announced that they will soon produce ARM-based chips own architecture last week. Earlier report is pointing toward Intel chip based iPhone will be debut until 2019 but now report from analyst Nikkei’s suggested that it will make it’s entry in 2018 iPhone’s.
Intel has recently pledge to expand its business in chip making and would snatch order from Apple primarily chip maker TSMC soon. TSMC has put their enforcement for making Apple 2017 iPhone chips order and iPhone 7 chip is also made by TSMC.

As there is no official announcement from Apple regarding this so we can’t say does Intel will make 2018 chip or not. But TSMC has taken over Apple chips whole order as recently chips manufacturing is divided into 2 part including Samsung and TSMC but after the chip gate issue Apple blacklisted Samsung for making future venture.

But Apple has already relies on Intel for Mac Line up Processor as new Macbook 2016 has also Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake Processor. And Apple also tied with new Intel Kaby Lake line to introduce in 2017 Mac’s Lineup. As only about few days are left for arrival of most rumoured and anticipated phone of the year iPhone 7. So stay tuned for all the latest and new arrivals as we provide full coverage of it.


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