Let’s Know More About AMOLED Display: AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. AMOLED is basically a type of OLED display while Active Matrix is the type of addressing scheme which tells display to switch individual elements of the pixel. So AMOLED is an addition to OLED which means OLED uses electroluminescent material and Active Matrix address pixel which make the display more accurate in terms of picture perfection.

AMOLED display is now placed in many of our gadgets including Smartphones, Smartwatches, TV or other products. AMOLED display is now progress toward for making the display more cost effective, large in size and low power. AMOLED display is start making an appearance in our gadget since 2008 and now becoming the main stream for displays. While are discussing here how this display evolves and give a basic idea about it so let’s get started.

Let’s Know More About AMOLED Display:

How AMOLED Display Works?

As the name suggest it is basically a LED panel which is backlit by Organic compound to give deeper black and nice color. While AM is Active Matrix which we discuss earlier. So thin organic material films placed between two conductors in each LED, which is then used to produce light when a current is applied. Active Matrix system is attached to TFT and capacitor to each LED which helps each pixel to activate at correct time which allows faster and more precise control.

What Are Super AMOLED?

Super AMOLED or other are the marketing terms which are used by companies which add another benefit to display as higher sunlight readability, the higher resolution includes HD, F-HD or Q-HD, there are many other benefits added to display while there is no basic difference in all of these.

Is AMOLED Degrade?

As everything has advantages or disadvantages AMOLED display also has as it looses color very easily after certain thousand hours of usage which made OLED display not to have in our Computer Monitors as we switch on the computer for hour and display may loose its quality.

What Is Future Of AMOLED?

AMOLED display is used in Samsung product very vastly from their Galaxy line up TV’s as Samsung termed their AMOLED display as Super AMOLED. Samsung and Sony shake their hands to made this display more advanced, thin in size and can be used as commercially.


As OLED display are better in providing rich color and deeper black AMOLED display add perfection and precision to display so you can enjoy the content even more rich experience. As compared this display from LCD, AMOLED display gives more viewing angles than LCD as LCD block some filtering layers. AMOLED display is used a curved display as you can see in Samsung Edge smartphones.

How Far?

AMOLED display is believed to capture market $30 Billion in 2022 which is twice as the price of todays. While AMOLED may also use in many other devices in recent year as their are devolvement in many companies to get more benefit as possible from this display.

As their can more question, you may want to ask for this display as you can give suggestion so we can add more information about this technology down below in comment section or can send some your verse from Email given down below.


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