JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer: JBL is back again with the new legendary JBL sound. You need not have to venture far from home to listen the ultimate, legendary & powerful JBL sound anymore. JBL at IFA, 2016 introduced &unveiled JBL Cinema SB450, a 2.1 soundbar with a wireless subwoofer, So as to provide a complimentary Surround sound for 4K ultra-High-Definition (HD) video devices.

It amplifies the sound into a revolutionary 4K ultra High definition experience using the HARMAN Display Surround sound and Dolby Digital decoding.

JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer
JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar

JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer:

Collective Features:

  • 4K Ultra-HD Soundbar
  • 8-inch (200mm) 200W WirelessSubwoofer
  • 3 HDMI Inputs/1 HDMI Output (ARC)
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Programmable control for multiple devices.
  • Clear Dialogue and Voice Enhancement
  • JBL SoundShift™
  • JBL Connect
  • Virtual Surround Sound

Designed To Complement:

  • The JBL Cinema SB450 includes a two-channel sound bar for high-definition audio that complements your ultra-high definition video devices.
  • Now convert your only living room into a theatre-quality sound based performing hall through the SB450 only.

    JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar
    JBL Cinema SB450 Soundbar + Wireless Subwoofer
  • You can enjoy the bass enhancements & clear crisp of each dialogue with high definition picture supported by wireless 8-inch 200W wireless subwoofer system by JBL at your home itself.
  • JBL fanatics can enhance their listening experience with JBL Connect.Which can stream Bluetooth audio to the SB450 and other JBL Connect-enabled speakers at the same time by connecting JBL Connect-enabled speakers to their SB450.

Easy To Blend With Any Home Theatre System:

  • JBL SB450 is build up with 3 HDMI inputs so that multiple devices can connect to the sound bar at the same time & 1 HDMI output for connecting to a Hi- definition Video device.
  • JBL SoundShift™ is yet another unique feature of the SB450 by which you can automatically switch between the Video device audio & any phone or tablet audio.

Say No To Multiple Controllers:

Now full control of your Home theatre system with ultra-high definition video & audio is just at a single point.You can program the soundbar to accept signals from your existing TV remote and thus eliminating the need for multiple controllers.

Availability & Pricing:

The JBL Cinema SB450 will be available online and at selected retailers for €599 ($626),- from October 2016.


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