A New Mysterious Device Smashes iPhone 7 Benchmark: Apple new A10 Fusion Chipset is market most powerful that even no mobile processor can match its speed After the first benchmark shows that Apple is something best ever processor. The new A10 Fusion Chipset is not even powerful but also energy efficient. A10 Fusion Chip is Quad-Core Processor in which two are Powerful Processor for the High Efficient task which two are for energy efficient task. Due to this Apple iPhone 7 achieve nice battery backup.

In the Benchmark result, Apple iPhone 7 crushes all the smartphone in the market including most recent ones like Galaxy Note 7 or Google Pixel as iPhone 7 beats these devices from the far margin. Google Pixel uses Snapdragon 821 Processor which is the fastest processor in the market for Android devices. But in the real life test Apple iPhone 7 beat all the smartphone in the industry even two-year-old iPhone 6 still not get a match in the competition.

A New Mysterious Device Smashes iPhone 7 Benchmark:

Every year Chip Manufactures add billion of transistors in the small chip to make it more powerful this year Apple has added around 3.3 Billion Transistors to achieve this class of performance. iPhone 7 is first in the AnTuTu test as compared to all smartphone in the market. But Apple it is not enough or takes rest as their next venture in chipset lineup is A10x for iPad.

A New Mysterious Device Smashes iPhone 7 Benchmark
A New Mysterious Device Smashes iPhone 7 Benchmark

AnTuTu released its Top 10 Benchmark Scores for September with iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 outscoring every possible device from the competition. The scores of this device were around 172644 and 170123, respectively while other Android Competitor still has no match to this device. But this is the first time that Apple is rocking at benchmark history as earlier Apple devices are fast and good but this year is really insanely powerful.

But Apple new venture is going to broke all records as a leak posted on twitter by a user @Ricciolo1 teases that a device that will launch at some point in the first quarter of 2017 has broken the 200K barrier in AnTuTu. The new device will surely Apple next iPad Pro lineup which may use A10x Fusion Chipset by looking at the score it beat the iPhone 7 with quite a large margin.

There might be many possibilities the this may Samsung Galaxy S8 which going to release in. The first quarter of 2017. As Samsung pushes the work of new Galaxy faster than expected as recent recall and burning of Note7 really causes a mess to Samsung. But talking about Samsung chipset they have no match with Apple own custom chipset so Samsung may not the fastest one but new Snapdragon 830 CPU may do some tricks.

But if this device will be next gen iPad Pro model so this is very quite interesting to see what Apple will bring a new feature to satisfy iPad’s need.

AnTuTu Score Of Mysterious Device
AnTuTu Score Of Mysterious Device

The next-gen processor will use 10nm process technology. New Apple Chipset or A10x will have more power efficiency and also faster. Samsung and Apple both rumored to build processor with10nm process in 2017. While Samsung next year again work with Snapdragon to bring out this processor. So it is quite interesting to see what will happen next.


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