Beats Pill+: Dare to turn on & Hear Yourself: Since Apple acquired Beats Pill+ is the very first speaker launched which is so gorgeously designed & so resembles from the first look itself. It is topping the list of best sounding Pill ever. With the two-way active stereo system, it creates an optimized sound field within a quiet good range & clarity is so clear & crystal that you will love it. Any good sound listener will  easily judge the Pill+ as an outstanding speaker system which is a good performer when listened at a handful of different tracks, either it is R&B, some Hip-Hop music or Rock music.

Beats Pill+
Beats Pill+ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Generally, I don’t experiment too much with my choice but this I had to say that this choice is worth it, i.e. Value for money. It is totally different from the predecessors i.e. Pill & Pill 2.0 in every aspect. It is slightly bigger using bigger bass drivers than the earlier models, delivering relatively high-quality sound than any other speaker of this range. But further, in order to reduce the driver size, Neodymium magnets have been used with the drivers.

Let’s go on further for the review on different aspects of Beats Pill+.

Beats Pill+: Dare to turn on & Hear Yourself:

Beats Pill+: Design:

Designed sophisticatedly to deliver Great sound. Its design is so simple & intuitive, as the name resembles ”Pill+” feels like a hand full of Pill throwing away a heartfelt soothing music so magically. Having controls like Play, Pause, Skip tracks, Phone calls controls are just a touch away. Keeping a track on the power levels is so important & with the new fuel gauge, it is made easy to have an eye on the same.

Beats Pill+: Design
Beats Pill+: Rubbery Finished Design

The feeling on the first touch of the speaker is so good & hints that the material used for manufacturing other than basic plastic & the visible outer parts are rubberized.

Beats Pill+: Rubber Flap - Splash proof Design
Beats Pill+: Rubber Flap – Splash-proof Design

On the back plugs, it is having a rubber flap that covers the Lightning port, 3.5 mm aux input port & the USB port. So you need not worry about that part, also featuring splash-proofing design makes it more convenient to carry along when going for any adventurous trip.

Beats Pill+: Performance:

As I told you that Pill+ is having a bigger driver than the Pill & Pill 2.0 & also adding that pair of larger drivers in the middle gives it more room, delivering excellent sound clarity. The sound is also widely dispersed & spread that you will not have to think much for a proper placement of the speaker before use.

Beats Pill+: Neodymium Magnets - Powerful sound
Beats Pill+: Neodymium Magnets – Powerful sound

The Beats Pill+ can also be used as a stereo by synchronizing two Pill+ For delivering dedicated left & right dynamic sound experience.

Power wise it also performs well as A quick 3-hour charge will provide you sufficient battery backup so that you can listen up to 12 hours of Beats musical sound continuously. Making & receiving a call are also very easy & that too with much clarity.

Beats Pill+ not only runs its own music system from the power bank but you can also charge your phone or any other external music device with the Beats Pill+ through the USB cable.

Beats Pill+: Now Charge Your phone
Beats Pill+: Now Charge Your phone

So Overall Beats Pill+ will be a great deal for you all as compared to the earlier releases in the series. I experimented & found it awesome now it’s your turn to choose.


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