Apple iPhone 8 May Feature Stainless Steel Instead of Aluminum

Apple iPhone 8 May Feature Stainless Steel Instead of Aluminum
Apple iPhone 8 Will Feature Stainless Steel Instead of Aluminum

Apple iPhone 8 May Feature Stainless Steel Instead of Aluminum: iPhone 8 rumors are keeping its pacing since its early times, as it’s not even 4 months that iPhone 7 was released and leaks of iPhone 8 again starting arising fans hope. As from leaks we heard or know so far, iPhone 8 will include a too much revolutionary feature which never seen in any upgrade since. As one major is design as iPhone 7 made fans unhappy with its old design but iPhone 8 may make you forget all previous design as from the recent reports saying that Apple may use a forged stainless steel crafting process for its glass-encased “iPhone 8”, rather than use traditional aluminum CNC machining.

By using steel provide more toughness to the glass and body so when dropped it not reshape itself. As Glass in iPhone 8 is really thin as compared to iPhone 4 so more protection and toughness is needed. As this report comes from Taiwanese supply chain apparently confirmed the transition on Tuesday, according to DigiTimes, with component orders expected to be shared between Foxconn and U.S. based Jabil.

As from leaks Apple will surely drop Aluminium design and adopt reinforced glass panel and metal frame in middle as like iPhone 4. Due this forging provide toughness while it also reduces the cost of manufacture also. The stainless steel process was last used by Apple in the iPhone 4s handset, which encased called as “Glass Sandwich” Chassis in two CNC-machined steel band. While after iPhone 4s other iPhone use Aluminium to maintain its design and slimness and also made iPhone lightweight. But Aluminium iPhone won’t able to provide that level of satisfaction as iPhone 4s as when dropped it shatter or get de-shape.

Supply chain sources say that cost of forging will cheaper to between 30 to 50 percent which helps Apple reduce cost iPhone. While recent design cost more than expected for Apple while recent Jet Black version is too costly to manufacture which results in its availability to 128GB starting. Apple may give their body internal structural parts to Catcher Technology and Cassetek because the stainless steel bezel will require further refinement using traditional CNC machining.

Rumors also expecting that only one model of iPhone 8 will get a redesign as Apple is planning to make iPhone 7s model which seems little but useless this time as it made product lineup more confusing and option and availability also become a problem for Apple. Further, iPhone 8 may include various other improvements like OLED display, Wireless Charging and various another improvement to wait.


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