MacBook Pro 2016 First Time Not In User Recommendation List
MacBook Pro 2016 First Time Not In User Recommendation List

As per the reports from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is going to release updated Mac notebooks with featuring Intel’s latest generation Kaby Lake processors later this year.

According to a research note from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chin Kuo,  Apple is finally going to use intel’s latest processors in its MacBook.

The production of new 12 inch MacBook models integrated with Kaby Lake processors will start in the early second quarter i.e. in March and it could have 16 GB of RAM as an option, said by Ming-Chi Kuo. This 16 GB RAM will just be double the current 8GB RAM used in last released MacBook.

The new 13 inch and 15 inches MacBook Pro models featuring latest Kaby Lake processors will also release in this year. Kuo said the production of 13 inches and 15-inch models of MacBook Pro will be started in the third quarter of the year, which starts in July. So here we can say the new 12 inch MacBook is likely to be the first from the notebooks that will feature the new intel Kaby Lake chip.

Kuo further added that production of new 15 inch MacBook will start in an early fourth quarter of the year, which starts in September and this 15 inch MacBook will include 32 GB of RAM. However, Kuo did not specify that whether this 15 inch MacBook would be part of the MacBook Pro lineup or not. All other specifications and design of upcoming notebooks will remain same other than the new faster processor that it would have and increased memory, said by Kuo.

We all know that current MacBook Pro model is the slimmest and most weightless model made by Apple. It also has new “Touch Bar” which replaced the row of functional Keys. So all this feature will also be present in upcoming MacBook Pro as per Kuo.

The introduction of new Kaby Lake processor to the upcoming MacBook will make them more power efficient, which will surely like by users. Kuo believes that Mac notebook shipments will resume year over year growth at about 10 %on strengths of new models.

Kuo expects the new MacBook Pro models with 32 GB of RAM will be launch in second half of this year but no official date for release is announce.


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