Apple is going to introduce Anti-insomnia feature in MacBooks and Desktop computers: So many people using computers at late night suffered from insomnia and that is usually blamed to the harsh blue and white glow of computer screens. Body’s circadian rhythm is get affected by the glare of computers and mobiles, if it is used at late night. Apple new macOS Sierra 10.12.4 beat 1 which is coming out yesterday include a very awesome feature.

Well to overcome this problem, in iPhone an additional feature is present, called – Night Shift. After enabling Night Shift mode, phone’s screen becomes dull and its light does not affect our eyes.

Now Apple is going to bring this feature into its MacBooks and Desktop computers. A version of Night Shift is available in a beta version of MacOS, reported by MacRumors. It is reported that Apple has plans to make it available this Night Shift mode feature to all users in future.

However, Apple is not the first one who is using this feature. A third party app known as F.lux uses the same feature. F.lux is available for macOS and so many people are already using it. It is very good to use an orange-tinted screen while using your computers and iPhone late at night so that your sleep doesn’t get affected by light of screens.

While watching a film, or editing photos you can turn it off if you want. After turn on this mode, your eyes will feel less harsh. But it is not clear that Night Shift for MacOS will different from F.lux or not. Night mode will give new freshness to mac user as there is about many years that mac user hasn’t seen any changes so far but the recent night will make mac more interesting than ever.

Hope Apple also bring Theatre Mode which made the screen go dark in a night as this inclusion will be nice and Apple user is waiting for this feature for days. Apple another recent update of Apple Watch which includes Theatre Mode which creates more enthusiasm among user may Apple will surely include this feature will help the user more than ever. So I would like to take your leave now have a good day.


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