New Report Suggesting Horizontally Edge To Edge Display and Glass Back In iPhone 8: A new report highlighting the features that upcoming iPhone may have has come from JPMorgan. It suggests that the iPhone 7s model which will be the upgrade version of iPhone 7 will have the glass back with radical OLED display. The flagship smartphone iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge OLED display. The edge to edge display will be from the horizontal side not vertically. It will give the upcoming iPhone 8 almost bezel-less look. Well, it is also claimed by the analyst that a pair of Wireless AirPods will come free with the iPhone 8.

Next iPhone May Have Edge To Edge Display

The report suggests that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will have aluminum sides and 2.5D glass to the rear side while iPhone 8 will come with stainless steel and glass body. The report shows the screen of the upcoming device via the diagram. In the diagram, we can see the 5.8-inch screen size with minimal bezels at upper and lower side. However, it can’t be said clearly that at which extent these pictures are accurate.

iPhone 8 Leaks
Next iPhone May Have Edge To Edge Display

A summary table is also provided by the analyst which does not provide any hint about the fingerprint sensor in the devices. With a question mark, it leaves as unanswered. Maybe they didn’t have any idea about the location of the fingerprint sensor. In earlier schematics, fingerprint sensors were placed at the rear side while some rumors suggested that it may be embedded into the display of upcoming iPhone 8.

The JPMorgan report suggesting iPhone 8 with wireless AirPods seems doubtful as the AirPods are costly enough. It may not be beneficial for the company. Apart from the cost, short supply of the AirPods is also considerable. AirPods are already facing the short-supply issue and in that case, it is not likely possible that each iPhone 8 will come with a pair of AirPods. JPMorgan also provided the estimates for iPhone 8 that may cost Apple an extra $75-$80 per unit.


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