New Improvements To Google Assistant Feature You Need To Know: Google has announced Google Assistant at last year I/O and since then it becomes our favorite AI which makes our works more hands-free and convenient, Google Assistant also receives many update and tons of new feature during its expansion. But after a year Google has made Google Assistant more independent and far from gimmick feature, as you can do many things with Google Assistant with just “Ok Google” voice command. Google Assistant now use Android Pay and many other features which we will gonna describe you in this article so let’s began.

Google Assistant Assisting You Smartly
Google Assistant Assisting You Smartly

Tons of New Languages:

Google Assistant made acquaintance with many languages including French, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. Support for Spanish, Italian, and Korean will be added by the end of the year. As when the local language of countries added help Google Assistant more popular than ever before. Google will make more languages available by next year help Google Assistant to understand more and more.

Google Assistant SDK:

Now Developer able to perform the action they want with Google Assistant which made Google Assistant more useful than ever before. The developer can add their app to work with Google Assistant as some apps have already been added after the update and more apps are coming soon. One of the best examples is Akinator app which shows your favorite character you are thinking of with just asking the simple question from you. You just need to open Google Assistant and say “Talk To Akinator” and interface open within Google Assistant window. There many other apps you can try among them some will be your favorite and daily usage apps which help you get more engaged with Google Assistant.

Google Assistant Adding to Calendar
Google Assistant Adding to Calendar

Google Assistant In iPhone:

Apple iPhone is no doubt one of the most popular smartphone around the world which introduce most update OS and AI, and Google tries to make iPhone smarter with the power of Google Assistant. You can download Google Assistant apps in iPhone which will not able to control smartphone but perform the other function very well and accurate.

Google Assistant on iPhone
Google Assistant on iPhone

Google Assistant On Any Device:

Google Assistant now available to other devices through which Google wanted to give endless possibilities to its Assistant by joining hand to other brands, which will make Google Assistant more accessible to outside world. As we have seen in Google I/O a bartender machine which gives you menu option along the choices of drink just by a simple command, so there are many other possibilities with “sky is the limit”.

Assistant On Action:

Google Assistant now perform an action on demand as shown in Google I/O user can now use Android Pay by using Google Assistant you need to talk to Assistant in the easy way you can order your product and pay with Android Pay without a touch of your the smartphone which looks really cool and awesome.

Google Assistant At Google i/o
Action on Assistant
Assistant Action

Other Improvement:

Google Assistant get a variety of improvement around the UI with using the camera to recognize the place and doing action as required like if you point the camera toward movie theater you can able to purchase the ticket. There are many examples of this feature and seems cool when you use it.

Assistant Recognize Text
Assistant booking Tickets

So these are improvements to Google Assistant we have seen this year, this is just a beginning and future is going to be really awesome and automotive.


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