Apple Has Register New Patent For Virtual Keyboard Patent In MacBook

Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard
Lenovo Yoga Book Has Secret Keyboard

Apple Has Register New Patent For Virtual Keyboard Patent In MacBook: Apple’s latest MacBook Pro 2016 came with some improvements to the four-year-old MacBook Pro 2012 as the new model is lighter, thinner, more powerful, better usability, new design, and new color. Apple will not stop here as Apple is continuously doing patent for evolving MacBook to another level. Some feature we have seen so far but another interesting feature is still far from our eyes like Apple Virtual Keyboard patent in 2009 but still this patent can’t make its move.

Apple MaBook Keyboard Patent For Virtual Keys
MacBook Patent for Virtual Keyboard

Apple also patents new virtual keyboard which will feature a haptic feedback and other feature, but Apple want to introduce this feature last year but it could not make in MacBook Pro. Apple also made the patent for the keyboard which can able to write any language you want as all keys can change according to language. This dynamic E-ink Keyboard is sounds pretty good and expected to come in upcoming MacBook which is going to release in late 2017 or early 2018. This is a Magic Keyboard style device with each keycap being a tiny e-ink display that can dynamically adjust to different languages and other specialist functions. Crucially, you still get real keyboard movement.

Apple Patent For MacBook

But all these technologies are in deep research and under the custody of Apple’s development team. But Today Apple has patented a new continuation to 2009’s Virtual Keyboard which sounds pretty awesome.

As we have seen the new concept of virtual keyboard with Lenovo Yoga Book which has glass surface Virtual Keyboard but the main problem with those keyboard as they won’t able to make us feel about the feedback of Touch which we feel in today’s Keyboard of Notebook and PC’s. Virtual Keyboard has come in the news when Apple launch their iPhone in 2007. Apple new patent mixes both Virtual Keyboard with Touch Bar introduce in MacBook Pro as this concept looks like Apple is replacing the conventional keyboard with this one.

Lenovo Yoga Book Keyboard
Lenovo Yoga Book Keyboard

The new Virtual Keyboard concept for MacBook looks pretty awesome and Apple will make more from MacBook than we expected as this device works as Tablet as well as Notebook, as many artist or other person uses Touch Surface for their piece of work and transfer to PCs for more functionality, this transition will end soon. As soon as the developer get this Display they will make more out of it than Apple has expected. While some part of MacBook user truly hate this concept like programmers, writers and various other who uses the keyboard for writing purpose as this keyboard concept would not able to give the feel.

Apple should need to innovate their keyboard as this technology is age old and we know this keyboard since we know about the computer the method input has surpasses each and every boundary like in VR we type with the wave of the hand, In Voice Command we guide voice service to write word for us and much more. But the conventional want improvement as the new dynamic keyboard will bring more utility to the keyboard. So as long as the new concept won’t arrive we will have to use conventional keys. So we know only about new keyboard concept t this time but as soon as more leaks arrive and more patent will available we’ll inform you until then good bye and stay connected.


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