All iPhone Models With FaceID Feature In 2018: Kuo: A new report from the KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that all iPhone models will come with Face ID recognition feature to unlock the device, to make payments and o purchase apps.As we know Apple has already introduced this feature in its flagship iPhone X which is launched last month and going to be released on November 3.

The iPhone X is featured with the TrueDepth camera system which helps to support Facial recognition feature, AR and Animojis. With the integration of Facial recognition feature, the traditional Touch ID which is currently featuring in all iPhone models may ditch by the company. This will provide the large display space for the users.

Last month Kuo had released a note stating that in future the introduction of FAce ID in all iPhone models will largely depend on the customer’s review on the iPhone X. 3D sensing feature will be one of the important features that may help to boost up the sale of all iPhone in 2018 – as according to the Kuo as it will feature in all the iPhone models in 2018.

It is also reported that Apple is facing manufacturing difficulties in the production of 3D sensing, so it can be concluded that Apple needs to increase the speed of the production in order to integrate it into all the iPhone models by the next year. Kuo also focused on TrueDepth camera which is different and the new feature in the iPhone X to make it more advance smartphone from the rest that is currently available in the market.

However, Kuo talks about the iPhone models that will come in 2018 with Face ID technology but it is not clear about the which type of iPhone design will come in next year, including in this, it is reported that new large iPhone with 6.4-inch display will come in 2018 but what is in Apple’s plan, it is still not revealed by the company.


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