Microsoft’s Surface Laptops Are Not Going To End Soon: In this week, Microsoft has introduced finally a 15-inch surface laptop for its users. This is one of the most desirable sizes in the laptop which is quite popular among the customers, so the addition of this is actually a great step from the Microsoft.


We have also heard lots of rumors about the end of Surface lineups by the company including the declaration by Canalys CEO who said about this month that the Microsoft would kill its surface business in 2019 and the COO of Lenovo even said that this going to happen sooner, but the events that were organised by the Microsoft for the launch of Surface laptops are indicating something else. It seems that the company is actually investing more into the manufacturing of Surface laptop instead of shutting it down.

To assume what is going to be next in tech industry is like very difficult as on depending upon the decreasing or increasing demand of the product directly affects the production of that product. On seeing the increasing market of Surface products such as laptops, tablet, and hybrids of laptop and tablet in last few years, it will not be convincing to say that it is in the market for the short period of time.

It has been around five years with the surface products that already make a strong name in the market with so many models and configuration in the single product.
A new initiative of the Microsoft is to build a tool which will guide the customers to select the right Surface product in accordance with the choice and usefulness of the consumers which sounds really nice.

Another new thing associated with the Microsoft is that the company is ready to come with its latest Surface in Book 2 in 13-inch and 15-inch specifically for those who want to replace it from their desktops.


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