WhatsApp Will Now Feature To Delete Send Message: Instant messaging now become part of our life as we use instant messaging every day in our life, but what if you send some message to someone accidentally? It has been a problem in instant messaging for years and no one able to solve this problem yet.

Well, WhatsApp has a solution on its way soon. According to the WhatsApp FAQ page, the app is receiving a global delete method for your messages, meaning you can remove the send message if you don’t want to send those things from your recipient’s device. This version is still in beta, but it looks like it could be a server-side rollout, others on that version don’t have the same functionality and WhatsApp hasn’t revealed exactly when it will appear for all users.

WhatsApp New Delete All Feature
WhatsApp New Delete All Feature

Recently WhatsApp has to feature real-time location to recipient now, so people will able to track your location wherever you are. This feature helps you to track the location of your friend and family you love and care about regardless of platform. This feature might look like Apple Find Friends which help you to locate your friend and family whenever you want and it can show your location in Apple’s native apps like Find iPhone, iMessage and so on.

This new global delete method feature will help when you try to delete a message from a conversation, you will receive a popup asking if you want to delete it just for yourself or delete it for everyone (why you would want to do the former, I don’t really know). This feature also works for images, videos, and GIFs. This feature could save many people from problem to get tease intentionally from another person to have such data.

When you delete some message another user will get a comment  left behind that will say “This message was deleted.”

But this option may create some user to use other apps as this feature may cause trouble to another user as people make the commitment to their jobs or lives if they delete the message then this commit. WhatsApp also limited to give your limited window to delete the message which is around seven min. If you try to delete it after this time, you won’t be able to. You can stop them from taking screenshots or search manually for the content though.

This feature will be the lifesaver for many as it helps someone to drop unintentionally message to some group or person so they can delete this message. So let see how this feature will help our life in future.


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