Welcome again to the series of the Gift that you can give this holiday season. Our last article was on Apple’s product which you can give as a gift at this holiday season. Now let’s change the topic and enter into another regime, today we gonna talk about smartphone which you can gift this holiday season.

As smartphone now become a daily driver and there is also trend to give smartphone as a gift, we figure out some best smartphones that you can gift this holiday season. So without further ado lets get started.

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ($950)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Availability In 4 Variants

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is among the best smartphone of this year and it has really a best potential to called as because it has the best in class glass design, super fast performance and best utility as Note device. S Pen has really made Note 8 the best Note device you can do anything with S Pen from Rough Notes to list or Doodling S Pen always outperforms its usability. The camera on Note 8 is really nice, first time Samsung jump into Dual Camera Setup and how it captures best shot flawlessly.

There are also some sales that are going on, you can search websites like BestBuy or Carrier options like Verizon or AT&T.

2. LG V30+ ($900)

LG V30+ Smartphone
LG V30+ Smartphone

LG V30+ is upgraded version of V30 as this device also has some features that you can expect from 2017 smartphone like Full Edge to Edge display, Fast Performance, and Best Camera. V30+ has perfect smartphone offering as compared to any other smartphone in the industry as it includes Wireless Charging, Fast Charging, Waterproofing, Edge to Edge Glass, Dual Camera, AMOLED Display and much more. For this price range, you can get 128GB model while it also has space for extra memory.

This device has really got some slash in the price range, you can buy from Carrier or by any other websites you want.

3. Google Pixel 2 XL ($775)

Google Pixel 2 Color Availability

If you want a smartphone which is really a smartphone then this latest offering from Google really worth for this word, Google Pixel 2 which is second offering from Google as hardware manufacturers, this device has really ruled all the smartphone. Google Pixel XL 2 really sports some awesome features like Smart Assistant, Edge to Edge Display, Best Camera in class, Fast Charging and much more you ask for. Google Pixel 2 is fighting for the place of best smartphone and hope this device will capture the first spot.

Google Website is offering Google Pixel XL 2 at the cheap price so go and check out for this.

4. iPhone X ($999)

iPhone X

As Holiday season comes, the Shipping for iPhone X also becomes fast as you can get iPhone within a week which is really nice. Apple is also expecting to provide maximum shipment that could be possible as iPhone X in starting days had faced shipment issue so now people are expecting to have iPhone X in this holiday season. While talking about the device it has everything you expect from a smartphone to have Best in Class Display, best in class Sound Quality, Best in Class Design, Best in Class Performance, Best in Class Camera and much more to talk about. iPhone X is really worth for holiday season gift if your loved one wants an Apple device.

5. Sony Xperia XZ Premium ($599)

Sony XZ Premium Phone With Slow Motion
Sony XZ Premium Phone With Slow Motion

If you and your loved one likes high over spec, then device Xperia XZ Premium device is really one of that device which is powered with premium processor, on the front side display of device sports 4K HDR screen which is really one of its kind, design of the device is really amazing, Camera of this device is also amazing and much more. Sony has put a lot of effort form the world of Camera and Display to this device while you can also enjoy Google latest Android offering Oreo, so this device is really worth it.

So these are the list of best smartphone you can gift this holiday season hope you may like this and waiting for more until then Goodbye and Stay Connected.


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