MacBook is always been the best laptop for doing every kind of things like editing, writing, coding and much more. Apple has developed their hardware and software to a large extent as they are compatible and work for long. But what will be the future of MacBook is smartphone will extinct MacBook or Apple has another plans to make MacBook again the best device to have.

MacBook 2016 has brought major refinements to MacBook while some major drawback decision to remove all the ports and bring USB-C Thunderbolt connection as this transition requires more time but Apple radical change made people angry about it while some other major ports like the Card reader, Ethernet Port (MacBook Pro), Display Port and much more. While Thunderbolt transition now seems worth because of its speed and accuracy device now become faster. So what will Apple has to offer for future of MacBook as competitor has show tough competition to Apple like Microsoft SurfaceBook, Razor Blade, Dell XPS and more as these devices have more power than MacBook and some also have good display than MacBook but they run Windows OS which may not fit for many users but recent updates from Windows also remove hesitation of Mac user to swipe Windows counterparts.

MacBook Pro 2018 Concept Of Dual Display

New Patent for Apple MacBook Pro has shown many new things about future about MacBook as they will introduce Touch Keyboard which brings an additional display to MacBook as you draw, type and does major stuff. Touch bring many new aspects to MacBook as user work fast and more fluid than ever, as screen touch display made by Windows counterpart are very hard to use while some time we forgot our display is touch-based because Trackpad is the best way to interact with your computer yet.

MacBook Pro Concept 2018 Display
MacBook Pro 2018 Concept and Design Upcoming

Talking about advance feature Apple may bring FaceID to Mac device if people response from current iPhone X is good as they also bring much more feature like AR and other things also. Apple also focuses to bring VR capabilities to the smaller device by making the device more powerful in terms graphics capability so they that maker can make VR video and many other things.

Apple Pencil Work with MacBook Pro 2018
MacBook Pro Works With Apple Pencil In 2018

Apple fans and designer are showing their concepts to the world that what will they are expecting from future of Apple product as they made a new concept. A touch-screen MacBook Pro as it looks like it may remove utility of iPad as they bring iPad into MacBook made macOS a touch-enabled device. The implementation looks really amazing and future apps may become easier to use.

This concept looks fantastic with stunning 17-inch Super Retina display with thin display edge, it also features FaceID so that unlocking become easier than ever, a new touch-screen keyboard with an integrated dock and TouchBar 2, full support for Apple Pencil and edge to edge trackpad so that gesture become easier to user can more fluid to work with.

MacBook Pro Concept 2018 Display and Keyboard Feature
MacBook Pro Concept 2018 Display and Keyboard Feature

This design gives more flexibility to a user as they work more flawlessly and fluid without any hindrance of touching because it becomes more easier.


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