According to a new report from Technology analysts TrendForce, there will be a significant increase in the sale of Apple’s iPhone in this year while the smartphones of Samsung may see declining sale. In last year, the production of smartphones was increased by 6.5 percent and it goes to 1.46B units. The report also has shown that the production of iPhone was also increased by 3 percent in 2017 as compared to the production in 2016.

TrendForce predicts that the production of iPhone will increase by 7.5 percent this year in order to maintain the smooth supply of the devices to fulfill the demand of the smartphones, that will include the production of Apple’s latest iPhone X and new iPhone SE for mid-range buyers.

TrendForce also predicts that the Apple will produce the new iPhone models with improving FaceID, screen to body ratio. The new iPhone models may also come with more memory content and embedded AMOLED display in upcoming models. Apple will also release the Second generation of iPhone SE this year in the mid-range market.

If we talk about the Samsung smartphone, the report says that the sale was increased by 3 percent in 2017, but the report also indicates that there will be fall in sale in this year.

“As the industry leader, Samsung will remain the top for smartphone production in 2018 but will witness a 3% drop in production volume because of great challenges and fierce competition brought by its rivals, including Apple in the high-end market and a number of Chinese brands with Android OS” – TrendForce.

TrendForce is also suggesting that the iPhone will be the only device in 2018 that would have advanced face recognition feature to unlock the device, to make payments and to purchase the apps but other smartphones will come with fingerprint recognition technology for the same. Well, it will be interesting to see to which extent this report will be going to prove true.


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