Smart-glasses Powered By Amazon’s Alexa From Vuzix: The makers of various smartglasses and Google Glass-like head wearables over the past several years The Vuzix will come with its latest version of its pair smartglasses at CES 2018 in this month in Las Vegas. It is expecting that this smartglasses will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa that would be fine enough for the consumers.

Smartglasses That Will Respond To Alexa Voice Command

According to the latest report coming from Bloomberg at this CES 2018, we will see the latest smartglasses from Vuzix that have several inbuilt features and this kind of news were also came in light in last year that Amazon is working on the wearable smart glass that will respond over Alexa voice command.

Apart from this new smartglasses, the Amazon Alexa will also be get connected by other wearables as well such as watches, headphone, and many other works could also be done by Alexa. The glasses will have Vuzix blade that will be able to display certain information including the maps or could be sports scores over the command through the Amazon’s Alexa. Additionally, the users will be able to receive phone calls and it will come with the inbuilt camera while the touchpad will mount on the side of the glasses.

The availability of the smartglasses would be expected from the fiscal second quarter after it will be announced at CES 2018. The company talked about the number of units that are targeted to produce and the figure is $1,000. More details about the device are not available but it will all reveal at the CES in Las Vegas after that complete information about the smart glasses will come to light.

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