Surface Studio 2 Concept Arts
Surface Studio 2 Concept Arts

As Microsoft announce their event dates, a picture of devices which they expected introduce is started to appear around the Internet. As a recent Benchmark, the result appears in Geekbench website of Microsoft Surface Studio second-generation device which has achieved a notably higher score as compared with previous Surface Studio but the benchmark won’t look much amazing after all. 

Microsoft debuted Surface Studio back in 2016 which was take over Apple iMac devices with the introduction of Touch Screen compatibility and also works with Surface Pen and Surface Dial. All these innovations lead to a hefty price tag of Surface Studio but it really takes user’s heart. But as the device becomes two years older it should need some upgrade as this event is a right time for Microsoft to debut their 2nd Gen. Surface Studio. 

Talking about the benchmark of Studio 2, despite Intel’s two Gen. ahead in terms of a processor as compared to Surface Studio benchmark results suggesting that it uses Intel Core i7 7820HQ, which was the last year CPU. As it has more power than 6820HQ which was housed in the previous gen. Surface Studio. It is expected to have 8th Gen. Processor but somehow Microsoft won’t able to make it on time. The RAM speed is reported as 1,200 MHz, though that is likely a halving of the double data rate (DDR) RAM, and therefore operates at a respectable 2,400MHz. But that’s only a couple of hundred megahertz faster than the original Surface Studio although it does appear to come with 32GB, rather than the typical 16GB of the first-gen. all-in-one.

The result of performance shows that the device performs 10 percent faster as compared to the predecessor. Where the Surface Studio scored 4,225 and 14,471 points in single and multi-core tests respectively, while the Studio 2 managed just 4,680 and 15,915 so same test. The performance won’t look like people to upgrade the device if they had first gen. Surface Studio. But it is considered noting that we have seen numerous benchmark over a period of time having a different configuration of CPU and RAM. It might be that Surface Studio may introduce a cheaper and better version of Surface Studio.

Graphics of Studio 2 hasn’t much talk about yet, previous gen. Studio includes Nvidia 980M GPU this time we at least hope Surface Studio 2 will bring Pascal 10th Gen. hardware in their new build. It could be nice see better GPU option like Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU which really made Studio 2 a powerhouse.

So there are the latest reports coming from sources about the Surface Studio 2 hope to see a more necessary update as time passes. Until then you can read our previous blog about What to expect with Microsoft event. 


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