Apple recent iPhone A12 has already been a powerhouse as it still destroying all the chipset coming in its way in terms of speed. A12 made iPhone XS a super fast as in recent test and competition on speed shows that there is no smartphone is coming its way. 

But as we know progress is the path of future so Apple hasn’t held on this chip for too long as their next iPhone will surely hold more powerful processor. Apple major chipset manufacturer TSMC’s whose producing iPhone Chipset from 2016 since the A10 Chip.

According to recent leaks from Digitimes, that next iPhone will surely get more power as compared to recent iPhone. Apple has publicly praised TSMC for being able to mass produce to high quality and be agile to new technology. 

Last month when Apple released iPhone XS the production of the A12 chip also grew as demand as it’s industry-first 7nm process chipset and TSMC should also get some credit to produce it. 

According to a report from DigiTimes says that TSMC made up 56% of the global foundry market in the first half of 2018. Much of that dominance is due to its strong Apple partnership. As in the upcoming year, this partnership will also grow further and benefit TSMC also. Unfortunately, we don’t have a report of A13 Chipset which is going to be released in 2019 but we expect that Apple will stick to the 7nm process and increase the transistor.  Apple may move their shift from processing to NPU chip as this help iPhone to think faster and better without consuming much battery.

Before the introduction of A13, we will likely to get an A12X processor which is also made by TSMC in upcoming iPad Pro. The current iPad Pro has A10X chipset it seems that Apple will shift the processing of iPad further as they missed A11X Bionic processor. 

The ‘X’ version chipset is exclusive for premium iPads as Apple keep this trend from iPad 2 as ‘X’ version chipset add more power and performance in both CPU and GPU. As there are less constraint and battery issues in this chipset so Apple made things bigger and better than iPhone chipset which provides this power.

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