Microsoft Windows 10 has revolutionizes Windows thinking for future, but living in the future means constantly building something new can better and think about future needs. As foldable device now become a reality like Samsung recently announced Galaxy Fold, we are dipping into the future of mobility and Microsoft has to prepare for it as soon as possible. 

Microsoft Windows has recently gain modern changes like support for ARM processor which means that your smartphone will able to run full Windows 10 without any lag or hiccups, but Windows is much heavier OS in terms of overall system requirement as it requires heavier RAM, more storage and boot time is slow against other mobile OS like Android, iOS or ChromeOS. ChromeOS set a bar for future of computing by introduction of Chrome Books as they light, lightening fast, thin and get job done pretty easily. 

Chrome Book is suitable for people who work in light kind of environment where people require to write articles or browse internet these light task won’t require much effort. Last year, reports of a new Microsoft OS called “Windows Lite” began to emerge, and they detailed an OS built on Windows Core OS, as this OS is aims to take over ChromeOS, Microsoft will trim down the experience of Windows 10 make it light and suitable for light base user which don’t like to perform heavier task. 

Microsoft called this project as a codename of “Santorini” is being used to talk about Windows Lite. As Windows Lite is not likable name as it sounds trim down version of Windows 10, but it is not Microsoft has pretty much different approach to this design. Santorini is one of the Greek Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea.

Microsoft internally working on many different Windows Core OS like Aruba which we have seen in Surface Hub 2, Oasis which probably coming in next-gen HaloLens 2, Santorini which is a codename for Windows 10 Lite.

Rumors are suggesting that Microsoft will take of this project as soon as possible could be around Build developer conference in May which is their own developers event. It hopes as Microsoft will build this OS for their own foldable smartphone Surface Phone which surely not able to see any green signal but hope is still alive. 

Microsoft HaloLens 2 also expected to launch in MWC 2019 as device is ready for user use now and people will love to use it.


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