HoloLens 2 Introduction

As the world is evolving so our way of using it does, as technology advances we go smaller world as Smartphone makes our world closer, now Mixed Reality really closes these gaps more. Mixed Reality (MR) is a combination of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, MR has to make non-achievable more achievable as we can now physically interact with the virtual world.

MR came into reality by the effort of Microsoft and their hard-working team who put forward this technology into Human Hands. Microsoft HoloLens is an ambitious project to bring Virtual thing in people’s hand their new iteration toward this project just announced in MWC event at Barcelona. HoloLens 2 create more achievable and human approach toward first HoloLens as it now becomes lighter, easier to wear and increase in field of view (FOV).

HoloLens 2 Executive Live Demonstration
HoloLens 2 Executive Live Demonstration

But as the device more advance of its time so does its price Microsoft priced their HoloLens 2 for $3500, yes $3500 sounds pretty much but this device is not made for the consumer as the technology which runs this device is premium which gives its user immersive experience outside the box. As creating VR or AR is now easy as companies like Samsung, HTC or Facebook already build their VR headset or Apple who implements AR into their own iPhone, Microsoft puts their effort into the best part of these two technologies.

Microsoft targeted industry professional to use this product for more productivity. As Microsoft shows in their event professional like Doctor who learns a process of surgery using HoloLens, Architect who can create a 3D architecture of building in real time, engineers who can implement this device in any way they want like maintenance engineer in the plant or much more. These are just initial attempt to increase the productivity of this device more application is made when this product comes in the hand of an ordinary individual.

Where the natural gesture begins

HoloLens project was started from days of Xbox as Microsoft invented Xbox Kinect which is first human sensing input device which recognizes human accurately without any sensor attach to human which really building path for HoloLens as controlling HoloLens won’t require wearing controller human can actually control this device with natural input like your finger. HoloLens 2 advances these gestures as the device can recognize more gesture than previous HoloLens. The human can actually control this device with natural human hand gesture no need to learn specific gesture to perform the task.

Tracking eyes with your identification

As our eyes are inborn identification HoloLens 2 uses you Iris to recognize its you so that the device will remain secure, but they don’t stop their HoloLens 2 can actually track your eyes so that they can shift interface according to your comfort user can keep things near them or send some apps far away if they don’t want.

More FOV

HoloLens has very small FOV which create discomfort for the user to maintain their eyesight into that little area, but HoloLens 2 double the FOV which helps the user to actually see more comfortably.

More FOV helps the user to accurately and comfortably react with Holograms easily, more FOV helps the user to perform multitasking in Hologram more easily.

User Comfort

HoloLens 2 now have a new design approach as they include new flip-up visor which makes Glasses accepted for the user who wears glass. The user can also flip the visor upside so that they can react to the real world without taking off HoloLens.

HoloLens 2 Demonstration For User
HoloLens 2 Demonstration For User

Microsoft also makes the device lighter as they use Carbon fiber design, this design approach makes the device more sturdy while the weight of the device reduces significantly. HoloLens also shifted the center of mass of the device to center of user’s head rather than user’s forehead as in HoloLens, adjustable strap help user to fit HoloLens 2 in different shapes and size of heads pretty easily.

Apps which helps to create more harmony

HoloLens 2 Live Interaction Of Interface
HoloLens 2 Live Interaction Of Interface

Apps are necessary for any system to justify its existence and HoloLens already shows a better approach towards it, as HoloLens already have hundreds of apps you can find on Microsoft Store. Microsoft own apps already present in the device. Microsoft introduces a video calling apps for the device so that user can interact with other users in real time or they can share a recent scenario with the help of the front camera.

How it runs

According to Microsoft device can able to endure up to 3 hours during single charge, this is enough for the user who uses this device for working purpose for now, but when this device more aggressively use for real-world cases it needs more juice.


Future of HoloLens 2 is already on the track as Microsoft executive suggests they already working on HoloLens 3, but they still not clear this device for the normal consumer as the device has still to do more.

HoloLens 3 may arrive earlier than we think as Microsoft executive says the device may reach to it release around 3 years.


CPU: Qualcomm 850 with 2nd Gen. custom-built Holographic Processing Unit.
Display: 2k display, with 47 pixels per degree, 52-degree FOV
Audio Input: 5-channel microphone array
Audio Output: Built-in “spatial audio”
Connectivity: USB Type-C, 802.11ac 2×2, no cellular connectivity
Weight: 566 grams or 1.25 pounds. (The original HoloLens weighed 579 grams, or 1.28 pounds)

HoloLens 2 will be available in Q2 of 2019 for $3500 any one who is interested can buy this device.

So these are the new feature which made new HoloLens 2 more advance over its predecessor. There is a long path we have to cover in terms of MR but it seems we are in the future more earlier than we thought.


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