Apple has several products lineups on their which include a self-driving car, foldable iPhone but the most promising effort into these is AR Glasses. AR has really changed the way we interact with our environment, we use AR for playing games, measuring or create some Animoji but the potential of AR is way more than it is. Microsoft has recently launched the second iteration of their amazing AR headset called as HoloLens 2, but the HoloLens is yet not the product for the normal consumer as it costs around $3,500 and it also features app which includes industry and professional so HoloLens for public will take time.


Apple’s first rumored head-mounted augmented reality device could be ready by the middle of next year, According to Apple renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo AR Glasses will be marketed as an iPhone accessory just like Apple Watch. Apple Watch recent cellular models really cut connection from iPhone as you can travel with Apple Watch without any issues but International Roaming will not be possible. Apple Watch also has very little battery life but soon it may improve in its latest iterations.

iPhone’s role in AR glasses provides networking, positioning, wirelessly offloading computing, Bluetooth, Siri, FaceTime and much more stuff we could think off. Apple AR glasses will work simply work as a display device.

Designing the AR glasses to work as an iPhone may reduce the size of the device significantly just like Google’s Glasses. Kuo believes Apple is aiming to begin mass-producing the glasses as early as the fourth quarter of this year, although he admits the timeframe could be pushed back to the second quarter of 2020.

AR glasses may bring a better approach as compared to recent iPhone integration in which user is bounded with a small screen, AR glasses may become the next wearable approach for future rather than recent smartwatches.

Back in November 2017,  Bloomberg reported that Apple was developing an AR headset and aimed to have it ready by 2019, although the company could ship a product in 2020. The report said the headset would run on a new custom operating system, based on iOS, and dubbed “rOS” for “real operating system.” 

Apple has made a significant work in the field of AR as they already develop tools for the developer which is fairly easy to use, many industries also trying to bring more from AR as soon as possible. Apple has explored the AR world since 10 years ago according to patent filings. The company also has secret wing employees working on AR and VR, exploring ways the emerging technologies could be used in future Apple products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook or “Tim Apple” also talked about the prospect of AR several times. So we have to see how Apple will bring this technology to more common people in the easiest way possible.

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