Rumors are over the internet for Apple’s upcoming event as speculation about what Apple will release next. As it is expected that Apple will introduce its new streaming service but alongside this, they will also introduce the next-gen iPad and also rumored iPod touch.

Talking about iPad which really taken all the market for tablet industry, Apple’s cheap iPad like 6th gen iPad is a best seller for Apple as it has ample amount of features that a user would want. So, now Apple makes this lineup more interesting by the introduction of their next gen. iPad. A Twitter account CoinX today claimed that Apple plans to release not only a 10.2-inch seventh-generation iPad but also an entirely new 10.5-inch iPad without Pro branding. The tablets will not be released simultaneously, according to the tweet.

If this rumor will true Apple will have filler iPad which could fill the gap between existing $329 lower-end iPad and $799 and up for 2018 iPad Pro model. Apple may bring this device somewhat under $600 and provide more feature as compared to lower-end iPad.

Apple may bring a better display, camera, faster processor and faster ram. The device will have a larger 10.5-inch display which gives the user a better view of content as it is easier for multitasking. Talking about our CoinX they also have suggested about iPhone 3 model names, in addition, some details about iPad Pro 11-inch, they provide minor but sufficient details about the product. So it is expected that Apple may bring these new screen sizes.

The iPad 10.2-inch will replace the existing 9.7-inch iPad will little bit improvement in the internals. It’s unclear if any of the products will be unveiled at Apple’s services-focused March 25 event.


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