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iPhone 9 Battery Feature

Apple New “L-Shaped” Battery Supplied By LG For iPhone 9

We are still months away from Apple most expected 10th Year Anniversary iPhone from its unveiling and Apple it's already preparing for the future...
Apple Micro LED Concepts

Apple Patented “Smart Pixel” For Future Apple Devices

Apple New Smart Pixel Patented For Future Apple Devices display technology is becoming better day by day many display manufactures like LG, Sony or...
Google Pixel 2 Design Concepts

New Google Pixel XL 2 Showing Some Awesome New Features

Time for expectation from flagship smartphone is finally started as many brands are teasing about their flagship smartphone and war between two world again...
iPhone SE 2 Concept

New iPhone SE May Unveil Next Month

Demand for smaller smartphone may be obsolete from market as smartphone manufacturers always launch bigger smartphone like phablets or bigger display size than 5”,...
Google Pixel XL 2 Concept

Google Pixel 2 May Feature Squeezable Frames and More

Today’s Smartphone have one thing common bigger display and new concept of full screen is also liked by various people, as brands like Samsung,...
iPhone 8 Display Concept

New iPhone Desperately Need New Display

Technology is word which always changes during the interval of time, if something new tech introduce today maybe become old tech tomorrow and it...
MacSafe Bolt For Your MacBook

“Missing MacSafe” For New MacBook Try New Bolt USB C

Are you missing older MagSafe Connector if your are using New MacBook’s as Apple completely removes each and every port type you could expect....