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New Nougat is Revealed

New Nougat is Revealed
New Nougat is Revealed: After many days without name Android next version of Android N after all get a name called as Nougat as...

Naming The Next Android That Is: N

Android N Naming Images
Naming The Next Android That Is: N: As the seventh instalment of Android is approaching developer sees is hard to what the next Android to...

Android N Released By Google

Android N Released Image
Android N Released By Google:Wait is finally over as Google announces it's new version of Android called as Android N while the update contains...

What To Expect With Google I/O 2016

I/0 2016 Image
What To Expect With Google I/O 2016: As the day finally approaches and stages are set and tech giants Google finally about to start it's...

What to expect in Android N

Android N Logo
What To Expect In Android N:Google is about to release it's new Android OS a.k.a Android N. Android platform is among biggest OS platform...


Apple Micro LED Concepts

Apple Patented “Smart Pixel” For Future Apple Devices

Apple New Smart Pixel Patented For Future Apple Devices display technology is becoming better day by day many display manufactures like LG, Sony or...