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Moto G4: More Leaks And Rumors Reveal

Moto G4 Leaks
Moto G4: More Leaks And Rumors Reveal:As the stages are about set and Lenovo to unveils its new most popular Moto G on 17th...

Lenovo To Announce It’s New Moto X Flagship

Moto X
Lenovo Announce It's New Moto X Flagship: After a year of waiting for a year Moto new Flagship after owned by Lenovo is ready to...

Moto G, Moto X Rumour Or Truth?

Moto G4 Leaks
Moto G, Moto X Rumour Or Truth?: As we get close to the release day of Motorola new flagship and budget phones things are getting...


Apple Watch Series 2 Loop Nylon and Sport Band

Apple Watch Shipment Prediction May Reach 20 Million Units In 2018

Apple Watch has become the world most shipped smart watch and its popularity is still growing up. As Apple has already given hard competition...
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