What To Expect With New Apple Watch?: It’s about a year since the release of Apple Watch which is the Apple’s “most personal device yet” its give the new thinking of using wearable and also loved by people as it approx took over 61% of market shares of Smartwatches sold yet.Apple has sells about 12 million to 13 million of Apple Watch unit. Its is a good product and very personal product by Apple but it also faces many critics that its build material is bad easily get scratch or battery backup is slow and slow processing time like opening apps and using interface overall Apple Watch is best Smartwatch till date.

Many rumors going round about next generation Apple Watch which include many changes from inside and whole design change may get in 2017 release as reported by analyst. Many expected the Apple Watch 2 may release in WWDC 2016 or at September during iPhone release. As we nearly approaching Apple new event WWDC 2016 rumours of new Apple watch are getting round. Report suggests that the next generation Apple Watch.

iWatch 2
Latest Apple Watch 2 Look

What To Expect With New Apple Watch?

  • Thinner Design – New Leaks suggest that the next generation Apple Watch may have thinner design. Watch may have thinner design which is 40% thinner than previous one. Apple Watch is still looks fantastic and have different design pattern having square design while other Smartwatch make circular design. As next Apple Watch doesn’t have overall design change it still have same form factor.
  • New Material – Rumor suggest that next Watch may use different material as recent Apple Watch have Aluminium, Steal and Gold material. While next Watch may use Platinum or other metal which is hard as well as cheaper than Gold edition.

    Apple Watch 2 Strap
    Strap of Apple Watch 2 Leak Design
  • Processor S2 – Recent Apple Watch get many critics about lagging and glitches during opening and running Apps. Apple is taking many steps to avoid it as they announces developer to make native apps for watchOS 2 which may help to run smoothly. Next gen Apple Watch may include new chip set S2 which is 32-bit processor to save battery life and have more processing power than this generation. It may also have more ram to process the work fast and run fluid.

    iWatch Processor
    Leak of Look and Design Of Apple Watch 2                                     Processor
  • New Screen – Apple Watch still have best in class screen as it is the first Apple device to use it is a AMOLED panel of 1.5-inch for 38 mm and 1.65-inch for 42 mm with a 340 x 272 pixels (~290 ppi pixel density) for 38 mm and 390 x 312 pixels (~303 ppi pixel density) OLED screen but Apple has recently sign deal with LG for screen so it may happen that new watch have more refine screen.
  • watchOS 3 – Apple is ready to launch it new watchOS 3 during WWDC 2016 and it may have many new feature which use new Watch 2 feature which is very awesome to use. watchOS 3 is has to more responsive and lag free OS.
  • FaceTime – Many user has requested this feature to have in Apple Watch as FaceTime is one of the most used app and is very useful. Rumour says that next Apple Watch use FaceTime camera for Video calling feature. By doing this Apple Watch is become first Smartwatch to have build in camera.
  • Smart Loop – Loop is the part of Apple Watch which completely changes looks and add personal touch to the Watch Apple offer many loop from it self and also 3rd parties. Smart Loop is very awesome thing and should be introduce in Watch 2 as it may open many possibility for loop maker to make something good out of it.

    iWatch 2 Compatibility Patient
    Smart Band Along with iWatch2

Loops are the essential thing to personalize your watch Apple officially offer many of Loops in many of material quality like rubber,stainless steel,nylon,leather and much more. Loops are available from 3rd party and there many styles to choose from which suits your personal style. Loops generally adds a design to Apple Watch which makes it looks stylish. Loops are starts with a price of approx $30 and way upto what a company wants.

What To Expect With New Apple Watch?

  • Self Dependency – Apple Watch is device which always requires connect to iPhone. If a person require to use Apple Watch standalone which is not possible with current gen Apple Watch. New rumor suggest that next Apple Watch have functionality use standalone and have feature for cellular call and also use app which make Apple watch a self device which doesn’t require connectivity.
  • Health Sensor – Apple Watch have many sensor and also include sensor for measuring blood oxygen level which is currently not activated in Apple Watch. Next gen Apple Watch may also include new health sensor and feature which helpful for user.
  • Battery – Apple Watch can hold for a day for minor use if we use tracking health with location it may run for about 10 hour. Apple Watch 2 may include battery improvement which may able to run Watch for about 2 days which may feel like Watch not Phone which is used to charge everyday.
  • Overall – Apple took a different step to opt the smartwatch business as they are earlier confined to handheld devices and PC’s but in the wearable market its first time. There were many manufactures making there smartwatches as Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2 and many more who were here earlier from Apple and who came after Apple.

As no doubt say Apple Watch is the best wearable one can buy right now if he need it. It has the Apple’s phenomenal design with seamlessly fast and easy UI a.k.a watchOS. The fundamental design pattern of Apple Watch is square shape which is very easy look very nice in hand. To dive into interface Apple Watch has force touch screen also has digital crown and button on side which works differently to walk over interface.

Apple Watch is the best Smartwatch in the market to use but is slow as many of rumors rising for Apple Watch 2 which may release in WWDC 2016 or September many more leaks about to come as we get close to it. Apple may change overall design in 2017 which also have many pleasing feature to user.


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