Cheaper Apple Music Student Plan:Apple Music is becoming the best platform since it launch for user listing music which include very good plan for user to listen and download music form iTunes library. Apple Music in its latest earnings figures reporting a subscriber base of 13 million. Apple music offer plan for $9.99 for individual plan and also $14.99 for family member for every month. Apple also include 3rd membership for Student, under this membership users will be offered an individual membership at $4.99 per month compared to the existing Individual membership that’s $9.99 per month.

Apple Music Plan
Apple Music Student Plan

Cheaper Apple Music Student Plan:

The plan is valid in US, UK ,Australia and many more. Apple has given task to UNiDAYS which identity student verification and send verification to Apple for Student plan eligibility. Offer valid for college or university student for 4 years for individual for the whole course for the collage which include study breaks in between.

Apple music student plan still not available countries like India and many more. Which is sad for user will not avail this facility as India and other countries are becoming emerging market for Apple in recent year.

User can register plan with Apple Music app by applying verification this offer available to both new as well as existing service subscribers. Those users who are eligible for the Student membership can change their plan from the website or from the Apple Music app.


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