Is Apple Sales Surge in India?:After the quarterly loss Apple still to mange gaining sales in other countries and this in India. India is the 3rd largest country in smartphone so Apple has to put some effort to gain this market. Initially there were not much sale get from India but this years it surges to 56% which is excellent in terms of sales. As Time Cook has said that India is emerging market and it is like china in 7 to 10 years ago. Time cook have some hope to as sales are significantly increasing year by year.

Surge Of Apple in India
Apple Sales Sure to 56% In India

Is Apple Sales Surge in India?:

India also have some of the technological giant’s like Samsung, Xiaomi and etc which dominates the largest shares in Indian market Apple continues to grow, with sales up 56 percent year over year, according to the latest data from analysis. As second fastest growing vendor in the top ten smartphone providers in the country, Apple has now started to challenge Samsung’s dominance in the premium market.

Apple has account 29% in start of 2016 for a device priced over $300 as earlier it was only 11%. While Apple rival Samsung looses 66% to 41% in the same span which is major competitor and create market strength.

As Apple first quarters sales are disappointed as Apple looses $8 billion in this quarter and sold about 51 million of iPhone in recent quarter. As in China sales were off 26%. But Apple’s Cook believes the so-called “doom and gloom” among investors was a huge overreaction.

In the talk show Cook has sighted towards the growing demand in India. This week interview in an appearance on Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money,” Apple’s CEO noted that 50 percent of the population is aged 25 or younger, and those users have shown interest in buying the best products available.

“With only 42 percent smartphone penetration of the global handset market today, iPhone is still attracting millions of first-time smartphone buyers each quarter, especially from emerging markets. For example, in India our iPhone sales were up 56 percent from a year ago,” said by Cook.

Apple smartphones are premium brand in the Indian market which very hard to opt in the cost effective market so Apple want some time create edge in the market. Apple market growth still under 2% in India. But some how Apple mange it by making devices cost effective by cutting down the prices of many devices in the market as Apple cut the price of iPhone 5s which is most popular in India but even it is outdated. There are several devices which cost more than US of same model which that why new devices won’t able to get by more people.

Apple has future attempt to increase the growth in India as company try to opening Apple stores and service centers in this country as Apple still don’t have own stores in India yet. Apple also face setbacks with government bans on importing used iPhones for sale. The company’s requests have been turned down twice, indicating both a reluctance on the part of the Indian government to import foreign smartphones in lieu of local manufacturing, as Apple opposition Samsung has not supporting this request as they have heavy market strength.

Apple also wanted to open a global intelligence and data analytics company for the IT industry, for they won’t export devices from other countries and also cut the cost and make there products affordable in growing market.Apple despite these setbacks, Tim Cook shows his confidence in Apple’s ability to grow its market in India and Apple put forward many steps to get Indian smartphone market. While other manufactures have very low cost devices so Apple has tough competition to get the market. And Cook believe they have many chances to growth in this country.


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