GTX 1080 GPU: The New Gaming Beast: After a long time Nvidia finally announces it’s next generation high-end graphics card for Gaming and a VR. It about two year after Nvidia released it’s High-End graphics card after GTX 980 which is the best graphics card till now the next-generation GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 GPUs which have many new feature and have more edge to create in market and get ahead of there competitor AMD. Nvidia uses new Pascal architecture with these new graphics card, which creates giant leaps of performance and power efficiency as compared with previous generation GTX 980 graphics and also Titan X GPU which is cost about $1000.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080
The Latest And Most Advance GPU Ever Made

Release Date and Price: 

  • Nvidia announces that the GPU will be shipped worldwide on May 27 with a price of $599 for GTX 1080 and for GTX 1070 will be shipped on June 10 with a price of. GPU also available “founders edition” as they were overclocked which gives maximum performance out of this beast and cost about $699 for 1080 and $449 for 1070.

Nvidia held the event in Austin in the Dreamhack festival as Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced these two amazing products with nice keynote. Huang telling about the performance of GTX 1080 is twice as powerful and thrice as power as compared to last offering GTX Titan X GPU, while it is faster than two GeForce GTX 980 cards in SLI. The other 1070 is also powerful than the Titan X but is not talk much by Nvidia CEO.

Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU Apperance


      1. GTX 1080

  • As we get know how this 10xx series perform this getting interesting to know that GTX 1080 can take about 9 Teraflops of single-precision graphics compute power which is awesome for any gamer it also include 8GB of VRAM which is enough to run any game and performs like a beast,Nvidia uses Micron‘s new, faster GDDR5X RAM running at 10Gbps for a total bandwidth of 320GBps which is enough to get performance out of it. It require 180W of supply, and Nvidia also make compatible with 500W power supply as adequate for a PC with a single one of these cards which won’t cost user to buy for more PSUs.

      2. GTX 1070

  • While the other one is rated for 6.5 Teraflops while it also include 8GB of VRAM, but the GDDR5 is normal one not like the GTX 1080 which is phenomenal performance. Both GPUs are themselves best in class and solve your purpose is gaming.

The others qualities are as follows

  • Both have same capability including support for DirectX 12_1, OpenGL 4.5, Vulkan, and Nvidia’s own G-Sync, Game stream, and GPU Boost. These are the feature which are must for the games to get best in class performance.
  • The card require a single 8-pin PCIe power connector which is common in today CPU. And As we talk about outputs it include DVI-I, one HDMI, and three Display Port outputs.
  • In the Nvidia showcase of the GTX 1080 shows that it run at a clock speed of 2.1GHz on normal cooler at 67 degree Celsius which is good work in terms as Nvidia CEO has said they have achieved this type of performance with fan while they earlier don’t able to get this performance by liquid cooling. While other manufactures using Nvidia chipset set a fan over the GPU to cool easily.
  • As Nvidia CEO has said they don’t several R&Ds and efforts of thousand people to get this Pascal GPU project and able to complete within a span of two years. Nvidia has spend several billion dollars for R&D of GTX 10xx series and the efforts bore fruits as they able to create best GPU in the market.Pascal is said as the most efficient architecture that Nvidia has ever created. It is going to hard over there competitor AMD as AMD also have some plan to get over this market and released its next generation architecture within this month. Nvidia has created world’s first 16nm FinFET GPU which is the GTX 1080, and also the first GPU to use new GDDR5 Micron memory the first to use Micron’s new GDDR5X memory.


* Ansel:

User who and to enjoy artwork recent games and production value Nvidia announces Ansel World’s first in-game 3D camera system. This is very awesome technology allow user to adjust independently adjust camera positioning and angles to capture scenes within open game worlds. As for compatibility Nvidia include drives and requires an SDK within the game. This the best way to seeing the new world within the game and enjoy whole in way to interact with it user can capture frames which are otherwise not easily composed, by moving into areas which game characters ordinarily wouldn’t be able to reach. Images are exported at way higher resolution than the output to the monitor, making the technique superior to ordinary screenshots. They can be adjusted for colorization, tonality, vignetting, and other effects, and exported to photo editing software as raw data. User can get the benefit full 360-degree stereo which is phenomenal in sound, user can export this content to other VR in the market like HTC Vivbe or Google Cardboard box ,etc. Recently supported games are The Division, The Witness, Lawbreakers, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, Paragon, No Man’s Sky, and Unreal Tournament and expected more to come in the recent months.

* VRWorks:

It is Nvidia way to get VR in support as VR is now becoming common and games are best companion to use with it so Nvidia rolled out VRWorks. It is just toolkit for the VR content also include PhysX and VRWorks Audio. Physical modeling allows objects to behave content like original and also look real world surrounding like real-world and it also obey law of nature and feel realistic. VRWorks is also comes with Audio which is awesome technology and feels like you are in real world and its audio engine is best in class. There is also feature to interact allow user to physically interact with environment you’re in as you move through it sound are in many variation to feel like it is real.

* Multi Projection:

Last but not least Nvidia also include multi projection for user to view independent view ports. This feature allow user to use multiple flat monitors,while earlier user has get chopped images which looks annoying but instead of having one large frame on a single frame , each monitor can receive its own feed with the view port and perspective adjusted to its angle relative to the other monitors. Earlier this type of feature require to require three independent graphics cards, but can now be get with a single GTX 1080, which can output three different projections in a single pass. This also benefited VR which get projection for each eye without any other necessary hardware.

Most Advance GTX 1080 With 4K and VR Direct
Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU With 4K VR Direct

* 4K

Last but not the least as Nvidia finally starting gaming in 4K which is one of superb feature we get in 1080 as player can et the advantage of new gamin resolution as 4K is till not available for gamers to play and 4K gaming may become mainstream. The current generation 4K supported by GTX 98x and Titan X GPUs.


  • After a span of two years Nvidia finally listen to the gamers who wanted hard-core gaming and they released it’s new two next-generation GTX 10xx series which is the high-end and it is the best high-end GPU in the market as compared with the manufactures like AMD which also planned a event this month let keep our finger crossed and hope other technology with battling


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