Moto G, Moto X Rumour Or Truth?: As we get close to the release day of Motorola new flagship and budget phones things are getting interesting as they release their budget phone a.k.a Moto G on May 17 in New Delhi. The release date of the flagship Moto X is still unknown but there are many pictures leaks at the internet showing the details the phone. As we know these ancestor phone were very successful on their android platform Moto G was a very reliable phone which is under budget and full of performance while on the other hand Moto X was the flagship phone which was full of features, advance sensor and technology so lets see what new this time Motorola is going to give us on their new Moto G4, Moto X and what are the leaks and rumors regarding these phone in the market.

Moto X Leaks
Moto G Look And Design Leaks

Motorola G4

  • Moto G is one of best budget smartphone present in the market and over a year this is the time for Moto G4 which look already powerful as from the leaks and have many promising things to have in it.

Moto X LeaksLeaks of Motorola G

  • First of all the Moto G4 may power with Snapdragon 652 processor which is the best in class performance.
  • Also a Finger Print sensor which is the most requested feature for user and Motorola finally listen them as the leaks confirming the new Moto G4 have a fingerprint sensor. As the Moto G3 is best budget smartphone with very good specs and performance.
  • As the leaks said the next Moto G4 may have two models one features with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of inbuilt storage and 13-megapixel rear camera while the other one sibling is expected to sport 3GB of RAM, 32GB of inbuilt storage, 16-megapixel rear camera complete with laser autofocus.
  • Both smartphones are best in class Wi-Fi and also include NFC for Android Pay which is best and also most requested feature. There are many hopes with new Moto G4 let see how Motorola keep this anticipation.

Motorola X:

  • On the other side the Flagship version of Moto a.k.a Moto X design has been leaked. The image is showing two Moto X model one is the US-based model or the droid and other is the normal one both have similar design but difference in the home button shape as we see from the image. And Droid version also has its logo.

    Moto G4 LeaksLeaks of Motorola X Looks And Design

  • The camera module is in the round shaped and bulged out of the phone which looks very cool and may this camera support many new feature.
  • Camera also have dual-LED flash module.

Motorola LeaksLeaks of Moto X

  • As we look the design we can say that it is the masterpiece as the placement of speakers grill also may include docking support
  • From the front it look awesome with new fingerprint sensor which make you and your phone more modish and your data more secure.Upcoming Motorola Leaks

Motorola G4 and Motorola X Leaks

Let’s see what else Motorola have the surprises for their customer but whatever so we are sure that Motorola is definitely going to give their customer a reliable and budget phone in form of Moto G4 and one of the most technological high end flagship phone in form of Moto X.


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