Bad NEWS For Mass Effect Game Lover: Bio Ware the developer of the Mass Effect series has confirmed delayed in the next installment of Mass effect series after 5 year since the last release Mass Effect 3. Bio Ware named this installment as Mass Effect: Andromeda. This news was teased by Publisher EA who give this bad news during the investor’s call in march. In the earning call the CFO Blake Jorgensen has announced Mass Effect was scheduled for a fiscal “fourth quarter” release. But today announcement has take this waiting time for further as written on BioWare’s new blog post, which states the game will “ship in early 2017”. Mass Effect fans are eagerly waiting for Another warfare between the human and aliens and exceed the release time line may drop the hope for the fans.

Mass Effect 4
Mass Effect 4

Bad NEWS For Mass Effect Game Lover:

The General Manager Aaryn Flynn of Bio Ware has said that they are playing the game and they are on the right track but they need more time to deliver more excitement for this this game. She also told that the game running the EA’s Frostbite engine to deliver visuals story and game play to meet the requirement of next gen graphics.

Company has confirmed that update for Mass Effect: Andromeda will be shown at E3 press conference in which they actual screen game play footage. This game is full of graphic and action loaded, its also has a respectable position in the eye of game lover, every game lover very willingly and eagerly waiting for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda so let see how Bio Ware coup up the excitement for fan and will waiting is the solution for the best?


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