Mega MicroSD Card 256GB By Samsung: To carry lots data in small space Samsung has released a new microSD card which can store lots of data in small packing called as EVO Plus which can store up to 256GB of data. Samsung has puts it in highest quality packing which can withstand certain circumstances and it also highest capacity microSD in its class. User can take the benefit of this card by recording 4K videos also can record VR videos for about 12 hours which make this amount of storage worth it.

Largest Space Memory Card
256 GB MicroSD Card Released By Samsung

Today’s Smartphone have less internal memory many of average flagship have about 32GB of memory and about half of data consumed of internal OS which makes the demand of an external card before this microSD card device can store about 128GB as we have reached in a situation we doesn’t compromise with quality and increasing quality means more data.

Mega MicroSD Card 256GB By Samsung:

Smartphones won’t recently support this much storage as latest offering Smartphone support 128GB only but consumer can use this SD card in tablet or in Macbook’s to significantly add up more storage as these device also contains more quality rich content as compared to the Smartphones. As we it can also used with 360-degree video cameras. And the speed of this card offers up to 95MB/s read speeds and 90MB/s write speeds which is pretty enough for SD card and user can take in and out data very easily.

In terms of quality of this microSD card Samsung doesn’t compromise with quality as this card can handle Extreme conditions and weather, talk about proofing this card is X-Ray-proof, temperature-proof, waterproof to IPX7, and magnet-proof. It is UHS-1 Class 10 speed class and a 10-year limited warranty. As far as amount of content this card can store about 55,000 Photos and about 24,000 MP3 files.

Samsung offer this card at about $250 which is available in US,Europe,China. Samsung start selling this product on June. Cost of this SD is too much but there is no other option user who wanted to use this amount of space.


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