Lenovo To Announce It’s New Moto X Flagship

Moto X
Motorola X Look and Design

Lenovo Announce It’s New Moto X Flagship: After a year of waiting for a year Moto new Flagship after owned by Lenovo is ready to launched in the market as from the rumours said that Lenovo to announce new devices on June 9 there is no confirmation from the manufactures but as we see from the leaks of new Moto X 2016 model it conforming it may happen soon. Lenovo to hosting a event on 9th of June. Motorola is planning to announce it’s G series phone to launch on May 17 in Indian market.There are many rumours in the market about Moto Flagship as it may have something promising to user and have many new feature to get head to head with other Smartphones.

Moto X
Motorola X Look and Design

 Lenovo Announce It’s New Moto X Flagship:

  • As leaks confirmed the new Moto X include Fingerprint sensor which is new in Moto lineup as fingerprint sensor in necessary in today date as use can pay with Google’s Android Pay with there fingerprint.
  • Camera also get some refinement as Moto X may get Optical image stabilisation (OIS) for good nigh imaging and also use for video recording. Moto camera as in leaks image is bulge out of the module which creates hump like form so it may packed with new camera technology.
  • Screen of Moto X is still good and no more improvement is needed as lower spec version of Moto X may sport QHD screen.
  • This year also Moto release in two models of Moto X only difference in specification. As Moto X higher version may have Snapdragon 820 processor which is the best processor till date and have many capability for user to use. As lower spec concerned it may use Snapdragon 652 processor which is also best in class processor.
  • Gaming in Moto with new Adreno GPU are awesome. As out of the box Moto new phone are offering Android Marshmallow and soon it will get Android N as it will release with many new feature and exciting performance.
  • New Moto May use modular feature as on the back side there is a port so rumour suggest the new Moto X include Modular feature and Moto may build some of them like a camera module or a speaker module. Modular phones are new to this market as LG’s new G5 is also modular phone which come with swaps to change and have some  usability function to enhance the user usability.

Hope to see what new with the Moto X flagship and how it will perform in market. According to the announcement, “Lenovo will also announce new mobile technology designed by Motorola that will dramatically change the way people think about and use their most personal devices there are more exciting things get as we come close to releasing date but we hope for better and best flagship from Moto.
This year Moto may make certain accessories for there devices like cover or any modular pieces. Moto ready to launch its G series on May 17th which is also most promising budget smartphone at a very good cost.


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