OnePlus 3: Leaks And Rumors: The Flagship killer again tries to kill all the Flagships of 2017 as leaks are tempting to make hot discussion topics and everyone to see ahead the official announcement of the OnePlus 3. OnePlus announces its next flagship phone, the OnePlus 3, you may feel like you have. The company intends to launch its latest phone from a virtual space station. OnePlus is calling its space station The Loop, which is consider to be the Flagship killer of 2017. As from the rumours we many outlook for thus devices as following:

OnePlus 3 VR Image
OnePlus 3 VR

OnePlus 3: Leaks And Rumors:

   1). Build Quality, Look And Design

  • The new image that shows off a USB Type-C port as posted by a Twitter user The Malignant who posted the image of overall look of the device.

    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
  • While at the side of the USB port there is 3.5mm headphone jack which surely meant OnePlus has dropped the dual stereo speakers at the bottom on the previous generations Phone.

    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
  • The build material is fully changed as the new device is looks all metal design at the back as it misses the swap-able and rugged sandstone finish it also have more curve design to hold it mode comfortable. OP3 also have change in fingerprint sensor as the previous OP2 have rectangular shaped sensor this time it more rounded and may get more accurate fingerprint than previous one. From the back the camera is bulge out like HTC device and also get same antenna band like M7 type. Overall the device still looks good and have all elements of OnePlus.

   2). Charging And Battery Life

  • OnePlus also plan to make the device capable of fast charging as they developed there own technology and not take from Qualcomm as they called it  “Dash Charge” as the OnePlus pegged with 3500mAh battery while is increment after the OnePlus 2 which sports 3300mAh and not able to get customer satisfaction as get empty within 4-5 hours of usage. So people hope that this generation may gave good battery life.

    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images

   3). Display And Resolution

  • From the leaks it OnePlus 3 be completely design overhaul from the first generation as OnePlus 3 still have the 5.5-inch display with Full-HD 1080-1920 resolution with Super AMOLED panel which is very great and crisp display. AMOLED display is big step as the previous generation uses LED panel. While the device still uses Full-HD display as it help to save more battery life as people were expecting for a Quad-HD display.

    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images

   4). Processor

  • The Powerhouse of OnePlus is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 as it appears as a leaked image of its antutu benchmark which confirms this device is packed with this beast. Snapdragon 820 is the choice of all the flagship manufacturers for this year which is best processor for all the purposes.
  • The processor is capable of high-end games,heavy multitasking or big apps you throw any thing to it and it outperform in it.

    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images
    OnePlus 3 Leaked Images

   5).RAM And Memory

  • OnePlus 3 may have 4GB and also 6GB RAM for higher memory model as suggested by the leaks which is enough for more multitasking.
  • Earlier Leaks also show the device have 32GB of internal storage which cuts form 64GB as it is clear sign of memory expansion for device but now it clear that there are two models of OnePlus 3 one with 4GB of RAM and will be priced at $308, while the 64GB variant will come with a 6GB RAM and will be priced at $385 while yes they both have expansion slot supports Micro-SD card may supports upto 128GB which is good for keeping more stuff in small package. And the there is no leaks for 128GB model.

   6). Camera

  • Camera of this device is sports 16-megapixel sensor at the back and 8-megapixel at front while it also have all the latest and greatest camera like HDR,autofocus and much more.

7).Operating System

  • The Smartphone runs on Google’s new Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow topped with OxygenOS 3.0.


  • OnePlus 3 this year NFC as it is removed for OnePlus 2 which make negative impact among user as the Android New version OS supports Android Pay which is incompatible with OnePlus 2 while the next version must have NFC.

As we get close to the announcement of OnePlus 3 as it not mentioned yet rumours are taking the pace with more and more interesting things and also gains heart for the next device. Company’s CEO Pete Lau has more promising words for their next flagship which might have very good feature to offer as in terms of price. But lets see will this flagship killer make space in the market.


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