Tim Cook Visit China:Tim Cook visited in China on Monday after investing $1 Billion with Chinese company of Liu Qing, a.k.a. the president of Didi Chuxing, who is Chinese Uber rival. Cook was captured at an Apple Store in central Beijing on Monday  with Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu as in twitter account of Tim Cook.

Tim Cook Visit China
Tim Cook Visit China

Tim Cook Visit China:

  • Cook was very keened on Apple’s recent investment as the company has loss in Q1 quarter earning which is decline after 1997.
  • Cook as nothing mentioned more about the investment as they are targeting to transforming the automobile industry as they are making most rumored Apple Car.
  • As Cook Said, Didi Chuxing has one other major advantage too as they are more environment friendly and concern about it.
  • He also conclude that “Didi has a very great management team and has good objective over environmental, which is hoping for more reduction of pollution by making the pollution’s effective cars.
  • While Didi also have hand toward US as they are working towards an IPO in the United States that would likely take place in 2018 as said by person with knowledge of the plan said on Monday.
  • Cook also point out about the growing the demand of Chinese app developers the China based developers have earned over $7 billion  which is quite interesting for the tech giant as they also come close to Apple own Worldwide developer conference. Cook also said the momentum is quite strong.

    Tim Cook Visit China
    Tim Cook Visit China

While making investment doesn’t mean harmony for China-Cupertino relation as the Chinese courts has strip Apple of its exclusive iPhone trademark in the country. Government also banned Apple iBooks,iTunes Movies stores which impact Apple online earning. Cook still not meet any high rank government officials for this case.


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