What To Expect With Google I/O 2016: As the day finally approaches and stages are set and tech giants Google finally about to start it’s developer conference as this year major companies like Facebook and Microsoft has already finish their developer conference with many new exciting API which tough competition Google as Google also ready shock the world with it’s new development at Google I/O in Mountain View, California starting from May 18 which is also said heaven for the developers. People who wanted to see I/O watch from their home as I/O also provide live streaming. As hours remaining to I/O developers eyes are keeping what to see next?

I/0 2016 Image
i/o 2016

Here let’s see what to expect at Google I/O 2016:

As I/O every year show new version of Android OS, Chrome OS also shows devices and much more start from Android N

Android N:

The Android is major platform for Google Smartphone user at it represented each and every year with refinement which makes user to attract toward their OS. Google plays hard bet to releasing Android N developer beta before I/O which first time in history of Android while the Android N is loved many developers which create great impact in public.

What To Expect With Google I/O 2016 Android N
Android N

Android comes with great new features like new doze mode, multi-windows support, new notification bar, UI enhancement, background optimisation and much more to see at I/O. To know more about Android N click here.

Chrome OS:

Chrome OS is PC version of Google which include feature as like Windows and OS X. But it is still lack behind as it don’t able to make impact in Public as primary OS so Google has to put more emphasis to improve Chrome OS include new feature and more Apps.

Google IO Chrome OS
Chrome OS

It may include multi-window feature, attractive UI, more professional Apps, good API for developers, Android direct support and so on.

New Nexus phones:

Google I/O is not the place for expecting a Nexus device but this year can be hope for Nexus device at I/O. As rumor suggest this year HTC make new Nexus phone which have design elements like HTC 10 which is recently launched.

Last Google releases it Nexus Phones Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P launched in September event in which Google release hardware.

Nexus Phone Image
Nexus Phone

HTC new Nexus hope to include new Snapdragon 820 CPU with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. While form back it has 16-MP shooter from front 8-MP for best selfies. While it is rumor that new Nexus will include 3D Touch like feature as found in iPhone.

 Project Ara:

One of the most expected this is Project Ara which is started appearing in 2012 which is purely concept of modular phones. As the modular phones are reality in today’s world as LG launch it’s new G5 with modular part. Google trying to make a device which is consist of swappable parts so user can use hardware for different purposes and usage.

Project Ara Images
Project Ara

Google’s ATAP team who is responsible for development for Project Ara and many new revolutionary products which is not yet release. But the concept of modular phones are best as it never makes our phone old.

Google VR:

VR is the one of the hottest topic of this year as many companies makes their entry like HTC Vibe, Oculus and Samsung who already grapple VR market while Google may also release there new VR set which may have some nice features. This may happen Google may introduce new UI for VR like Android which help lots of manufactures to make VR Worldwide.

Google VR
Google Virtual Reality

New Cardboard:

Google Cardboard is much simpler and cost effective solution for VR which user can buy for very minimal cost as this may make it’s new entry in Google I/O with better design, sensors, also lenses and much more.

Google Cardboard Images
Google Cardboard


Apart form Cortana and Siri Google also wanted to take ground with Alexa which is developed by Amazon as Google may release it new project Chirp which same as Amazon Echo which wireless with and speakers with lots of capability than Google Now so it also make and entry in today’s event.

What To Expect With Google I/O 2016:


Only hours are left for the Google I/O nerves are keeping high as what will happen and what not. Keep an eye on us as we’ll give you more about Google I/O Catch up soon.


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