Apple Watch: Complete Review, Specification And Features:Apple claimed “most personal device yet” is non other than Apple Watch. It over a year we have seen Apple Watch and Apple continuously evolving its technology to match the user need. Apple is not doubt took over many off wearable which available in market and many smartwatch in market. It approx took over 61% of market shares of smartwatches. Apple has sells about 12 million to 13 million of Apple Watch unit.

Apple took a different step to opt the smartwatch business as they are earlier confined to handheld devices and PC’s but in the wearable market its first time. There were many manufactures making there smartwatches as Moto 360, Samsung Gear S2 and many more who were here earlier from Apple and who came after Apple.

iWatch Image

As no doubt say Apple Watch is the best wearable one can buy right now if he need it. It has the Apple’s phenomenal design with seamlessly fast and easy UI a.k.a watchOS. The fundamental design pattern of Apple Watch is square shape which is very easy look very nice in hand. To dive into interface Apple Watch has force touch screen also has digital crown and button on side which works differently to walk over interface.

Apple Watch has far way to go there were many expectation from next generation Apple Watch many user claims there reviews and there were many leaks around about next Apple Watch. Let’s what people like about Apple Watch:

Apple Watch: Complete Review, Specification And Features:

1). Built Quality And Design:

  • Apple took many fundamental steps from all watches we usually wear and took a refine design in square shaped structure which has gone through many manufacturing process to get this type of perfection this is very difficult for such a small device.
  • As Apple Watch come in two form factor of 38mm and 42mm of casing. Design of Apple watch is very good and convenient for user to wear everyday its dimension for 38mm is 38.6 mm x 33.33 mm x 10.5mm and 42 mm is about 42 mm x 35.9 mm 10.5 mm and weigh about 60 g for 38 mm and approx 70 for 42 mm.

    iWatch Look And Design Images
    iWatch Look And Design
  • Build quality of Apple watch is very good and it is available in 3 material model which are Aluminium, Stainless Steel and 18k Gold edition casing. All 3 have their specific name the Aluminium one is called “Watch Sport”, Stainless Steel model is known as “Watch” and “Watch Edition” for Gold one. There is no other difference between these 3 watch except their build material.
  • There are also many color to choice in these material like Gold, Rose Gold, Space Grey and Silver.

2). Display:

  • Apple always uses a gorgeous for there products as they use same display with Apple Watch it not a Retinal display it is a AMOLED panel of 1.5-inch for 38 mm and 1.65-inch for 42 mm with a 340 x 272 pixels (~290 ppi pixel density) for 38 mm and 390 x 312 pixels (~303 ppi pixel density).

    iWatch Display Image
    iWatch Display
  • Apple introduce the pressure sensitive display which is pretty awesome and now use in today’s iPhone which makes a new way to interact with our device. Force touch have many gesture to use with it and have very good response in Apple Watch.
  • All 3 types of Apple Watch is protected with different way of protection as “Watch Sport” poses Ion-X strengthened glass which is now present in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. “Watch” and “Apple Edition” uses the Sapphire crystal glass which is hardest transparent substance after diamond which is very awesome and durable.

3). Processor And Graphic:

  • As we look over hardware specs a good as compared to smartwatch it uses Apple S1 chip-set which is comparatively equal to A5 chip-set which is in iPhone 4s. Apple Watch doesn’t need much power as in watch there is no multitasking or gaming it simply use for one specific apps which is generally very small in consumption of power. Apps which are presently in App Store is perfectly run on Apple Watch. Opening apps in Apple Watch is slightly slower and it takes time to open but they run perfectly.
  • In terms of graphics pointer view it uses PowerVR SGX543 which is quite good to handle the apps graphics.

    iWatch Graphic Image
    iWatch Graphic

4). Memory: RAM & ROM:

  • Apple Watch has internal memory of 8GB in which 2 GB is use for Music and 75GB for Photos and the rest is up-to Apps. Watch has 512 MB of Ram which is good to use in apps to run perfectly.

5). Connectivity:

  • Watch has connectivity through Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth v 4 for connecting it through iPhone. Thorough these hardware Apple Watch is made good companion accessories for iPhone for receiving calls,making calls,using Siri,sending text message,booking taxi,for wallet services and much more which you don’t know and there are many thing which is about to come in near future.
  • Apple Watch also include a microphone and speakers to interact with Siri and talk with people during phone calls.

    iWatch And iPhone Connectivity Image
    iWatch Connectivity
  • Apple has also put NFC which is good for Apple Pay which is a very good feature to use and very continent method for payment for products we purchase. Apple Pay works seamlessly across payment system but it has low global acceptance.Apple Pay service has wide expansion in United states and continues it growth across Europe and Asia.

6). Battery mAh And Its Duration:

  • About the battery Watch sports Non-removable Li-Ion 205mAh which Apple claims to run all day or 18 hours. If a person heavily using Apple Watch it might runs about 10 hours for usage like checking time,making little bit calls,calculating health record and so on. Battery life is good as compared to other smartwatch present in the market.
  • For charging purpose Apple adopts the induction charging which simple require to put in the charging plate and it takes care for rest. There are many 3rd party available in the market to choose from.

7). Health & Fitness:

  • Apple Watch is has major portion for health department as it use as health tracker many other companies in the market which already exist in the market earlier than smartwatch concepts companies like Fitbit, Garmin, Nike, Adidas and so on. As on arrival of Apple Watch it also changes the concepts of health band as smartwatch is use for many purpose in which health band fails.

    iWatch Health Display Image
    iWatch Health
  • Apple Watch has basics on Health department as it has many sensor to measure your health activities like running,walking,heart rate,calorie measure,still time and many more which can amplify with specific apps so there are many thing which we don’t able to purchase hardware to measure certain thing.
  • Apple also took a step to on the apps as they make pre-install app for Watch in iPhone which record all the data which measure by watch and then send it to health app where we can see the whole graphical approach for health which is very attractive way to look health track and one can improve their health by improving. Apple made Watch a attractive interface which pushes user to meet their daily goal and help them to achieve it.

8). Interface:

  • Apple Watch uses watchOS in the interface which currently runs on version v2.2 which is further upgrade to watchOS version 3 after WWDC 2016. watchOS is very easy and fluid interface which perfectly uses all the hardware present in the Apple Watch as Force touch every app has it unique way to interact with it.

    iWatch Interface Images
    iWatch Interface
  • Surfing whole UI with digital crown is phenomenal and fluid experience. There is button on side it will dive you to immediately talk to friend and if other person own a Apple Watch they can interactively communicate each other in whole different way by sending drawing,heart beat and much more.

9). Apple Watch App In App Store:

  • Apple Watch also have many apps to use with it which are available in App Store apps like booking apps,sports apps,business apps,photo apps and much more. Watch screen or Watch faces is interactive way to get personal touch to watch by using customize watch face or predefined available in watch it really changes the way we look time and much more enjoyable way.

    iWatch Apps Images
    iWatch Apps
  • Connecting Apple Watch with iPhone is a very easy step and requires no time to get with it just set your personal apps and your are ready to go.

10). Apple Watch Notification:

  • Notification are very good to look at they are in the form of page which further rolled by digital crown and you can open apps and easily reply on the go no need to get you phone out of your pocket. Typing is issue in Apple Watch as there is no keyboard but you can take help of Siri to make text for you or use emoji to interact with people.

    iWatch Notification Images
    iWatch Notification

11). Apple Watch Loops:

  • Loops are the main thing to personalize your watch Apple officially offer many of Loops in many of material quality like rubber,stainless steel,nylon,leather and much more. Loops are available from 3rd party and there many styles to choose from which suits your personal style.

    iWatch Loop Image, iWatch Straps Image
    iWatch Loop
  • Loops generally adds a design to Apple Watch which makes it looks stylish. Loops are starts with a price of approx $30 and way up-to what a company wants.

Why to buy Apple Watch?

The main question arises who want Apple Watch and Why Apple Watch? There are many reason to buy or not buy it but we only talk about why to buy.

  • Apple watch is basically a notifier watch which takes your health record notifies you when notification arrives in your phone and you can quickly reply to it.
  • There many thing to use for Apple Watch as it can use for HomeKit apps,you can use Siri for interaction,Call to anyone without using iPhone,for payment purpose so won’t always look for your wallet,booking taxi from Uber,navigating yourself to your destination and much more which is specific for many people.

Why only Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is best smartwatch available in the market you can choose from for any purpose for health or for notification it able to manage everything. Apps store has wide variety of app to use for every specific purpose as we usually do in smartwatch.

Overall decision is your to buy or not to buy but you should give a try to Apple Watch in market as demo you’ll feel it.


  • Apple Watch is perfect companion for iPhone to use till date as it can handle many thing as a smartwatch do but its upto developers what to get out of it. There many things we have seen in span of a year after a release of Apple Watch there were many updates from Apple to match it with market quality and till now it hold it way.
  • As far as cost Apple Watch starts $250 for Watch Sport version to $17,000 for Watch Edition.

A step Ahead:

  • It over a year for Apple’s new category and there many rumours around for new generation of Apple Watch in the event of WWDC 2016.
  • Rumours are like have cellular functionality,thin design,having facetime camera and much more to hope for next generation Apple Watch.


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