Apple iPhone 7 LG Screen & Camera Leaks Reveals:iPhone 7 to start making it’s vitalization as day of September event is approaching as an analysts at Nomura Securities (via Barron’s) as they said Sony could be behind schedule for supplies of the dual camera systems necessary for the upcoming iPhones while they hit by earthquake they doesn’t meet supply for Apple as Apple turns over LG so they can do their work in time.

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Apple iPhone 7 LG Screen & Camera Leaks Reveals:

  • Sony team behind to deliver the dual camera of Apple iPhone 7Plus as they expected to deliver by time unfortunately April earthquake in Kumamoto damage their production facility and also they get lower yield form there. So LGI will gain majority share of the initial dual camera orders from Apple.
  • As Sony also confirmed about this in last month as Sony mentioned this issue in a press release detailing damage and delays at its facilities due to the earthquakes in Kumamoto. At this moment this is unclear if the facility, which manufactured mostly image sensors not unlike those supplied for the iPhone, would have any impact on orders related to Apple’s upcoming devices. They also briefly suspended operations at another facility used for manufacturing smartphone image sensors following the earthquakes. As the company get lost its link up for current gen iPhone but this won’t last long.
  • The Nomura Securities says that they expects form that the smaller version of iPhone 4.7 will also get OIS(optical imagine stabilization) for the next gen iPhones while 5.5-inch still has in the current line-up.
  • The analyst also claims the dual camera module for over many month to make its entry in new gen. KGi analyst one of most renowned analyst earlier said that only 5.5-inch line-up will have dual camera but now said that only higher version will get that which is a clear sign for next iPhone will have 3 models.
  • Rumor also features for iPhone 7 will have iPad like smart connector which will help device to attach any module or hardware which will benefit for user.
  • At the starting of this week rumor also suggest that next iPhone 7 will also include laser auto focus for camera which insanely reduce focus time and give user a refine image without any shutter and blur motion.
  • After the dual-camera module rumor from Weibo images claims that a 256GB memory chip make its entry for Apple iPhone devices as it earlier in the iPad Pro series. Image also shows two other variants of 16GB and 64GB while 128GB clears it’s visit which is still more than enough for people to use.
  • The leaks about the 256GB memory card is reported earlier this year but don’t have any proof for it’s existence. The same rumor also claims about larger battery for iPhone 7Plus model.
  • Increasing camera capacity will comes with addition of additional memory which is cool store 4K videos and also stores high quality images. As removal of headphone jack Apple may introduce Lossless music which is extrem highest quality of music. With addition of new memory module and storage space things are getting more exciting.iPhone 7 leaks

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