iPhone 7 Leaks:Purple Color Prince Edition With Four Speaker: There is lot of hot discussion about the recent rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7, this time the rumor is about “Purple Color Prince Addition” iPhone 7 having four speaker space the french blog nowhereelse has reveals some image of iPhone case having four speaker space.

iPhone7 Four Speaker Leaks Images
iPhone7 Purple Color Having 4 Speaker Leaks

Phone 7 Leaks:Purple Color Prince Edition With Four Speaker:

  • As we know according to the rumor, it is the possibility that Apple could drop the headphone jack and replace it with a second speaker in iPhone 7 that would potentially allow for the use of an additional audio amp provided by Cirrus Logic, which would also supply the noise cancellation smart codec and also rumor was that of having headphone that is connect via charge lightening port.

    iPhone7 Purple Leaks Image
    iPhone7 Purple Leaks
  • But the user will face a lot of when because user will not able to use the headphone for music or call while charging. It was also the rumor that LG will provide its camera for iPhone 7 because Sony was unable to complete the demand of Apple due to earthquake in Kumamoto damage their production facility and also they get lower yield form there so Apple moves to LG for this.

    iPhone7 Purple Leaks Image.
    iPhone7 Purple Leaks
  • One of the most recent rumors based on alleged leaked iPhone 7 blueprints have put question and doubt on that claim that is showing no second speaker in place of the missing headphone jack and suggesting Apple’s evolving iPhone design will continue to have a single speaker setup.
  • Today’s post by Steven Hemmerstoffer who posted serially about the iPhone 7 Leaks and rumor has crated twist into the rumor mill, with some photos that is apparently taken from a promotional video made by an Italian case maker, which allegedly received a prototype iPhone 7 case in anticipation of the coming refresh in September.Lets see on September what is truth and what is rumor.

    iPhone7 Prince Edition Leaks. Images
    iPhone7 Prince Edition Leaks.
  • If you will see in the images the wider lens and lack of horizontal antenna lines are consistent with previous leaks, while the appearance of four separate speaker space two at the top and two along the bottom having purple color is a latest new leak.
  • Hemmerstoffer himself notes, that it does not look viable for a speaker to sit so close to the camera module, unless the reorientation of the camera and LED flash holes from a horizontal alignment across the rear of the handset, to a vertical arrangement running down it, somehow allows for the possibility.
  • It is also seems that there is no benefit of having four speakers in such a small device over one or even two of them, that will also impact the battery duration which nearly every smart phone are facing nowadays. Still, the claim of leaks remains an unexpected and the unpredictable story of iPhone 7 leaks and rumor will go on

Some of leaks expert says that it will contain dual camera for iPhone 7 Pro model, while some assume that Apple will stick to their previous model like 6s and will be a little changes in their RAM & processor, but i hope a lot of change and expectation from upcoming next iPhone7.


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