Lets Know What Else Develop At Google i/o: Finally Google I/O is finished and Google has some good stuff during I/O which include benefit for customer and developers as Android seventh instalment Android N, Two future communicating App like Allo & Duo, A personal home assistance Google Home, Android Studio 2.2 for developer to easily communicate with Android devices, Google new bot assistance and much as we today talk about.

The search giant has spectacular week which takes the minds of user and developer to another level to think technology by making enhancement or product. Google this year completed over 10 year of its I/O and significantly changes the way we think technology. Let’s talk about the things we get to know and see in Google I/O 2016

Lets Know What Else Develop At Google i/o:

1). Firebase

  • Firebase is simply a service which include itself Google all the developer products like Google Analytics which tells developers about public who are using there apps, Google hosting services, Mobile Ad services including these and much more make a overall a big and unified interface for developers,blogger and other web related services.
Google Firebase Image.
  • Firebase give them overall review about customers bug, crashes, reports and soon which make developers and other who uses web gives a variety and vivid experience to connect with user and get resolve their issue. Firebase also include Apps for iOS and Android user to easily know how there services response among users. As this is very good feature for Firebase to have it helps other user to get instantly and the fixes also done in cool manner. The service is free to use and unlimited usage for all the out there to use.
  • Interested user can Apply for new Firebase update now on Firebase official site.

2). Android TV

  • Android is best way to consumer to give next generation tv experience by providing the power of Apps and UI as Android TV get new interface with lots of refinement and clean design which looks like little bit replica of Apple’s tvOS. Android TV gets new feature like picture in picture which makes multitasking in over another way. UI elements are also good include new interface for content management, search and recommend apps which engage consumer with TV.
Latest Android T.V Images
Android T.V
  • For quality usage Google also support 4K UHD video. They also added chrome cast feature which will available for more manufactures soon.

3). Android Auto

  • Android Auto also expanding its periphery with joining hand with other car manufactures which make easily too globalise Android Auto. As Android Auto gives user a experience of Android interface during there car rides as Android Auto is next generation of music systems or other GPS as it have each and every feature including music capability, wireless mobile connectivity, GPS, messaging on the go and much more you think of a smart music device.  Apart from these improvement, Google said that the Android Auto will receive few new features that will roll out in the next couple of months, including Ok Google detection, and wireless connectivity with the car’s built in Wi-Fi system which make this device a self work without any accessories required.
  • As Android Auto also makes improvement in other areas like music as now user can play any music on any apps like pandora,Spotify and other supported Auto apps which give enjoyment of music In car. Android Auto also include services like messaging in car which feels like using Android device. There other APIs for Android Auto to give developers show what are the other possibility of it.
Google Car,Car Without Driver Image
Google Car

Google also announce that they also releasing a new version of the Android Auto app that is part of Google Self-Driving Car Project will users without modern Android Auto-supporting cars the same experience, but via their smartphones. Google also claimed that over 100 of car models have Android Auto. While they are behind to launch other 100 car model by 2016.

4). Android Pay

  • Android Pay have tough competition in market from Apple Pay and Samsung Pay which accounts there ranks in charts so Android Pay has to go outside US as Google announce Android pay to launch in UK first country after US and also planned to launch in Australia, Singapore in recent months.

    i/o Android Play Image.
    Android Play

5). Android Studio 2.2 preview

  • Android Studio is place where developer natively build cool apps for users.As Google in I/O has updated the Android Studio 2.2 with some improvement like including a new layout designer, visual layouts, and new design tools.

    Android Studio 2.2 Image
    Android Studio 2.2
  • Android Studio can also automatically calculate all constraints to scale UIs for different screen sizes, and the Studio is supposed to be faster as well. It also comes with features such as an APK analyser, layout inspector, and expanded Android code analysis, to name a few of the features. These feature including other gives developer to build more for user.

6). Project Ara:

  • Google Project Ara was capture from past few years as its very interesting concept of Modular step toward as helps user to build there devices by themselves which sound like very cool as like if user wanted night mode camera can use module of it, If they want more sound can use high quality speaks, want to track heart rate can able to add ecg machine, track fitness can use pedometer and much more as possibilities are endless as we talk about modular phones.

    Project ARA Images
    Project ARA
  • Google led this project by ATAP research lab to make this wonder possible. Google announced that Ara makes it’s entry in consumer hand on 2017. This is not concept which comes first time to user as LG already release its first modular phone LG G5.
  • Google showed off a working prototype version of Ara with some modular hardware like camera, speaker, base frame which contains other necessary stuff. You can able to eject camera component by saying Ok Google remove module from the frame. There much more cover with it as we get know more about it as developer model arrives in fall and consumers will use it by 2017 .

What new with ATAP team?

  • ATAP team behind Google major projects Ara or Soli, Jacquard and much more.
  • Project Soli is develop by ATAP and Google to build touch-less control to use a device as Google showed many devices like LG Watch Urbane having Soil chip which include many touch less sensor like scrolling in hand will scroll screen and also other gesture to use. Google also showcased JBL by harman speakers also using touch-less control of sound which creates another dimension for devices to work and feel.
  • Soli sensor works by emitting EM waves(electromagnetic waves) in a broad beam and the portion of beam reflect back toward the radar antenna which gives response to each gesture differently. Google confirmed to release developer kit by this fall.

7). Chrome OS

  • ChromeOS is major OS of Google for PC user as this is not much taken market stand but it starting to grabbing market strength as it has hard competition with giants like Apple’s OS X and Microsoft’s Windows. ChromeOS still not get much user attraction as it has not much great software use by PC user so Google planned this I/O by releasing Play stores Apps works in ChromeOS which adds additional million of apps for usability for user and create more attraction for users.
Chrome OS Image
Google Chrome OS

8). APIs

  • Google I/O is event mainly for developers so how Google can go without give developers to get hand toward new software that the work of an API. This year google has release lots of API for developers to build something amazing.
  • For API Google put developer to hand over Android TV which include recording APIs so that allow developers to make apps which have these kind of functionality ti give user a power to record content.
  • Android TV also API for music apps and messaging apps which makes Android Auto device a self Android device with these feature.
  • Android N itself also include lots of API like vulkan which serious effects in graphics world and also other feature like instant apps to use app without downloading it and much more.

    Google Vulkan Description Image
  • Android Pay APIs now have new tools that include support for mobile Web and the new Instant Apps, and there are more features as well.
  • Chrome also get API like Credential management which allow site to improve sign in experience for user and easily sign in into account.
  • Rich cards for mobile search Google is also rolling out rich cards for mobile search which means that if you would like to search anything which lies in rich cards Google show you the result in that card like score of football, movies nearby and much more.

Google also adds APIs for Daydream with some of software APIs.

  • Google also enhance experience for Slides and Sheets apps by including Classroom API, the  apps allow app developers send data to Sheets, allow users to edit it, and then bring it back to the app complete with changes while Slides API, will allow for similar functionality, allowing users to create charts using data from another app.The Slides API is still not ready.

    Google Daydream Image.
  • As for the new Classroom API, it gives access coursework endpoints, and the ability to access and save data in Google Drive. By including these feature will enhance more the Google Apps experience.

    Google Classroom Image
    Google Classroom

Awareness API is also talk in town as this is a unified sensing platform allow apps to aware of user context.This help app makers and smartphone manufacturers a single place to access a variety of signals collected by the device related to location and usage. There are seven signals in total – activity, beacons, headphones, location, places, time, and weather. Google says with the API, the device should see improved battery life due to the conservation of resources. API will gives apps processed data from the signals when required and also response with various acts. There is also more to improve as they progress in it soon.


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