Cortana: No More Google Search:Windows recent blog has confirmed that Cortana will no more search google for any search you make, also remove the option to use any browser other than Edge, and any search engine other than Bing as it integrated with Cortana. Which means you will not able to search thing with Cortana in Google search page it will search on Bing search engine.

Cortana Search Image
Cortana Search

Cortana: No More Google Search 

Blog has titled with ‘Protecting the Integrated Search Experience in Windows 10’, Microsoft claims that some software programs have been redirecting users to search providers not designed to work with Cortana. By adopting this step gives user non friendly environment to search user most beloved search engine Google.

Microsoft wanted give end-to-end search experience for user to search with Cortana and use Edge browser. Microsoft starting this changes maybe today onwards which ensure Microsoft to integrate search experience designed for Windows 10. We can see that Edge is the only browser which has integrated Cortana facility.

As we see Bing search engine which is good fast and show many of result we ask for but as we compared it with Google search is phenomenal in terms of search Bing has no match for it. Microsoft is doing this to give it’s OS feel overall UI and by this step the guarantee consumers use their browser and search products is if they make them the only options within Cortana.

As Google Chrome is growing in demand among user and Edge nearly taking seat and Internet Explorer is loosing market share. Microsoft is seeking to protect its own programs by making these necessary steps. Costumers can install other browser in Windows 10 and set Google as a default search engine. But they can’t able to get access to use Cortana.


  1. Microsoft edge is also very user friendly as far as it facilitates well and reduces the load for any pdf supporting softwares at the same time.


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