Mac OS Leaks Shows Some Exciting Features:As we approach to WWDC 2016 which is developer conference of Apple things from Apple point of view getting exiting as there are many leaks as what to expect and will happen in WWDC. For user who is new to this WWDC is basically a event for developers in which app shows what’s new in their software and what’s for developer. As WWDC is always promising who loved. To see it as Apple launches many software and products like Macbook and much more. As the next version of Mac OS X 10.12 approaching rumor are coming from many leak source as some of them are as follows

Mac OS Siri Images
Mac OS Siri Support

Mac OS Leaks Shows Some Exciting Features:

1). TouchID support:

  • TouchID is much loved feature in iPhone and iPad which instantly unlocks the device with your fingerprint which much safe identity than a passcode. Apple would likely to introduce this new feature to OS X which can be unlock device from your iPhone TouchID  as rumor suggests Apple could add support this feature in OS X 10.12. A rumor from MacRumors as they claims that Apple could also integrate auto unlock feature into next MacOS that allow to unlock your Mac with iPhone or Apple Watch near-by as they both connected to Mac earlier for verification which uses Bluetooth for connection.
  • In addition to an iPhone unlocking a Mac, the report claims that it’s also “possible” that when an Apple Watch is in close proximity to a Mac, it could also unlock the computer. As there Apps from 3rd parties which uses these type of features.

2). Apple Pay support:

  • Apple Pay is much essential feature as this will help you to purchase products without swapping or write you card no. As it uses NFC for payments for outdoors and for purchasing online user can easily buy with authentication as it uses TouchID. MacOS can also make entry with Apple Pay to easily purchase products on the web easily without writing code.

3). Siri to make entry:

  • Siri Apple most beloved assistance may also make entry to MacOS which is necessary for mac user as it also give competition to Microsoft Cortana as virtual assistance is become need for user as they can make our work easily as suppose you want to listen particular music without any search or want to schedule to send email or presentation or want to where is your last night files over it makes sense that assistance make work easier.

    Mac OS Siri Images
    Mac OS Siri
  • Apple is rumored to planing to bring Siri to next version of MacOS. As leaks images shown from MacRumors claims that Siri is appearing in next release which makes things exciting leaks images of Siri working in MacOS showing black white Siri logo appears In the menu bar with dock icon of Siri in waveform with splash of color.
  • By clicking icon in dock open a new dialog bog with Siri interface with wavefront form and start to listing users command.
  • The more to be reveal as we close to event on 13 June for now these are the only rumor which claims and will make there appearance in next version of OS X 10.12.

The 2016 Worldwide Developer Conference is set to take place from June 13th through June 17th in San Francisco. You can read everything you need to know about the event in our blog so please stay tuned while we give you every details about it.


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