Siri Home Assistance Leak Show Some Interesting Features: Home Personal assistant is now becoming famous all around as tech giant like Google has recently released it’s home personal assistant Google Home which much praise among people as this thinking go smart home assistant comes with Amazon Echo which comes with the voice of Alexa.

Home personal assistant is basically helps you with day to day work and make it so easy live. There are situations like if you need to find taxi near you home you just say assistant and work is done as there is no need to touch the phone and search for places and are many live example can be simplify your work.

Siri Assistance Image
Siri Assistance

Siri Home Assistance Leak Show Some Interesting Features:

So Rumor from earlier this week suggest that the Cupertino giants ready to show world their front in WWDC 2016 on June 13 Rumor claims that Apple’s long awaited Siri SDK is about to release as it’s open new door for the developers to take Siri at another level. Today on VentureBeat reports claims that new version of Apple TV may compete with Amazons Echo and Google Home.

Siri Home Assistance Image
Siri Home Assistance

Apple already took further step forward to make Apple TV a Siri eccentric device which good and easy to adopt the new upgrade. Making Apple TV for hub of everything means there so no further hardware and software required. The report also suggest that the speech recognition is challenging for this device.

Current gen Apple TV still need some refinement likes far field microphone for far field voice recognition because current gem doesn’t have any voice command or microphone as the remote is only supported item for this. Apple TV also have the ability of Airport Express to detect far wireless connection which also extend Siri Home assistant while Siri feature recognition form AirPlay speakers.

Making Apple TV into Siri Home tough job so Apple can try to make standalone device which add new category in Apple universe. Siri Home must make this year entry to Apple point of view on a Home assistant. Despite is not Rumor that any new device add to Apple lineup but it may be secret and may launched at WWDC on June 13.


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